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Stay Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the U.S. and much of the world remains locked down for the foreseeable future, it can be easy to let anxiety and negative thoughts take over. Shifting your perspective to choose to focus on positive thoughts and on the things you can control can deliver a much-needed change in perspective. Why not use the extra time afforded to most Americans right now to practice healthy self-care? From nutrition classes Harvey LA to easy DIY things you can do at home, the time is ripe to care well for yourself.

Start With a Plan

Written goals are far more likely to be achieved than simply stated or thought goals. Take 15 minutes to sit down and think through your self-care goals. It also helps to identify the negative ways in which you soothe. For instance, self-medicating with a substance, or spending money you do not have are unhealthy ways to cope. Come up with unhealthy things you are doing that you will stop and replace them with healthy habits you will implement.

Include Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health

Health is not just physical. Eating and exercising are crucial ways to improve and maintain health, but emotional and spiritual health is just as important. Identify activities that help to relieve anxiety and bring a sense of peace and calm and connect you with something bigger than yourself.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find a friend who would like to improve their self-care, too, and partner together to encourage and spur on one another. You can even take advantage of technology to exercise together remotely and share healthy recipes. Make your new practice fun and something to which you actually look forward.

The quarantine can provide a silver lining in a time of clouds. You may never have this extra time again. Do something positive for yourself and your loved ones with the extra time.…

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3 Things To Ask When Taking a New Job

Taking a new job can be an exciting thing. You may be leaving a job that you did not enjoy, or perhaps you are just looking for a new opportunity. No matter what your situation is, there are a few things that you should ask before accepting a new job. These questions can help you gauge whether the position is something that will work for your lifestyle. These questions can be asked during a job interview or when a job offer is made.

1. Is There Paid Time Off?

You will need to find out what the protocol is for taking off of work. You will have to be off at some point, and you need to know if this time is still paid. You should ask about sick days and vacation days and how many of each you get each year. You should ask if these paid days roll over from one year to the next or if you must use them all before the end of the year.

2. Do Employees Receive Benefits?

Many people cannot afford health insurance out of pocket, so it is important to know if this is a covered benefit of your job. Your company may have a group plan or work closely with a health insurance center TX to offer the best insurance for an employee’s specific needs. You should also ask if any of your dependents are covered as well.

3. Will the Schedule Be the Same Every Week?

You must know what hours you will be working. You need to find out if you have the same hours every week or if your shift will rotate. This is especially important if the company works day and night shifts.

Accepting a new job can be scary, but when you know the right questions to ask, you can make an informed decision.…

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Architectural Home Styles

Exterior home design styles are influenced by many factors including the location of the home and the time period in which the design first appeared. For example, Cape Cod style homes from the 1600s are boxy and built to withstand the strong gales in the northeast, but you can now find that style all over the United States. Mid-century modern homes came into being in the years surrounding World War II but are popular today for their clean lines. Architectural styles from across time and around the world have made it into our modern neighborhoods. Here are a few.


If you are looking for French architectural in Dallas TX, for example, you would find homes with an asymmetrical look on the outside. They are most often two stories with high rooflines making them both grand on the outside and the inside which often boasts roomy high-ceiling entryways.


Italianate style architecture is characterized by asymmetry also, but this style features tall thin windows, eaves with decorative brackets and sometimes even belvederes (a cupola’s boxy cousin). The one-story porches are often ornamented with cast iron decoration.


Homes that were built in warmer climates often contained open-air features like the Mediterranean style house. These homes are generally symmetrical and often made of stucco. The style was first popularized in public buildings before crossing over into home styles by builders who wanted the feel of a Mediterranean villa with lots of outdoor-indoor living spaces. The roofs are generally low and covered in tile.


During the Victorian era (1837-1901) many different types of architecture rose and fell, but the descriptive words most associated with “Victorian” is dollhouse or gingerbread. The 2-3 story tall, angular asymmetrical homes are a revival of the Queen Anne style from over 100 years before. Extremely ornate and colorful, these decorative beauties definitely feature a wow factor.

Every style of home was influenced by both the past and the present. When choosing your style, consider both your living needs and the exterior esthetic you admire.…

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Caring for the a Loved One in Grief

There is nothing more painful in life than losing a loved one or a cherished friend. It is easy to feel alone and confused when someone you care about passes. When that happens to someone close to you, there are many things you can do to give comfort.

Don’t Hold Your Tongue

Sometimes not saying anything can do more damage. Death is a real event and deserves to be recognized and addressed. Try to avoid saying things such as, “I know how you feel,” or speaking for them. Restrain yourself from sharing your own personal stories of loss unless they ask you to. Express that you are so sorry for their pain, or ask them to share a memory about the person. Let them know that their grief is ok in whatever form it takes. Check on them frequently, but avoid asking how they are doing – it may cause them to focus on their grief. Instead, just let them know are thinking of them.

Show Your Support

Be there for all the events that surround the funeral, such as the viewing, the funeral service, graveside or another memorial service Orange CA holds for the deceased. If you are close, offer to escort them so they are not alone. If they have family or other support, at least nod or wave to them so that they notice you are there.

Don’t Desert Them

Everyone is interested in making contact in the first few weeks following a death, but then people tend to drop off, leaving the bereaved person to weather it alone. Make contact often, especially during the first year when the grieving process is strongest. Invite your friend to join you for lunch or a movie. Build distractions into your contact to help them move on.

Don’t do what you would want or need, do what they need. Showing your support for someone who has lost a loved one can also strengthen your relationship with them and deepen your compassion for others.…

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