Powerful Presentations for Employee Enhancement

The betterment of a workforce is always on the mind of leaders and managers, and most of the traditional ways to train and motivate have been done to death. By bringing in an outside person or firm for a presentation, you not only can improve your employees but also your organization’s culture. Creativity and innovation stagnate in a closed-off environment, so injecting some new ideas this way could open the minds of your staff and reignite their passion for your organization’s mission or their personal development.

Inspirational Speakers

We are in the age of emotional intelligence. A powerful way to enhance your staff’s emotional intelligence is through helping them to be more compassionate and sympathetic with your customers. Exposure to tales of hardship or overcoming obstacles can develop people’s ability to sympathize and create strong emotions about their impact on the world around them. For example, hosting domestic violence speakers can provide insight into the minds of victims and evoke feelings among the listeners. This can lead to a softer, more personal touch with clients and more kindness amongst teams of employees, which allows for everything to run smoother.

Sharp Business Minds

By tapping into the charisma and experience of top thinkers in your industry or an adjacent one, you can help build cognitive skills in your employees as they watch a master explain his process. It doesn’t need to be formal training or too business-related either; a TED Talk style presentation that just expands on new ideas is still highly beneficial to growth. And keeping things light can help improve morale as well since it won’t feel like more work.

Their Peers

If the human resources budget is a little low this quarter, take an opportunity to give your employees the platform. Work-related or not is up to you, but ask employees to pitch ideas for a presentation. Who knows, maybe Jeff in finance has an inspiring story about climbing a mountain, or Brenda the account manager can explain her techniques for being likable with clients. Giving your employees a voice will help them feel valued and interconnected.