Stay Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the U.S. and much of the world remains locked down for the foreseeable future, it can be easy to let anxiety and negative thoughts take over. Shifting your perspective to choose to focus on positive thoughts and on the things you can control can deliver a much-needed change in perspective. Why not use the extra time afforded to most Americans right now to practice healthy self-care? From nutrition classes Harvey LA to easy DIY things you can do at home, the time is ripe to care well for yourself.

Start With a Plan

Written goals are far more likely to be achieved than simply stated or thought goals. Take 15 minutes to sit down and think through your self-care goals. It also helps to identify the negative ways in which you soothe. For instance, self-medicating with a substance, or spending money you do not have are unhealthy ways to cope. Come up with unhealthy things you are doing that you will stop and replace them with healthy habits you will implement.

Include Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health

Health is not just physical. Eating and exercising are crucial ways to improve and maintain health, but emotional and spiritual health is just as important. Identify activities that help to relieve anxiety and bring a sense of peace and calm and connect you with something bigger than yourself.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find a friend who would like to improve their self-care, too, and partner together to encourage and spur on one another. You can even take advantage of technology to exercise together remotely and share healthy recipes. Make your new practice fun and something to which you actually look forward.

The quarantine can provide a silver lining in a time of clouds. You may never have this extra time again. Do something positive for yourself and your loved ones with the extra time.