Top 3 Healthcare Careers You Should Consider

If you’re looking to start a career in the meaningful and in-demand field of healthcare, you’ve probably heard of the more traditional job titles in the area, like doctor and nurse. However, there’s an entire range of important healthcare areas, from computer support to medical equipment planning, that you may not have considered – or even heard of before! Take a look at the top three overlooked careers in healthcare you should consider.

1. Paramedics

A lot of the time, a paramedic may be the first person to arrive at the scene of an emergency. This fast-paced career allows you to help people immediately. Responsibilities can range from evaluating injuries and ensuring the patients makes it to a physician to giving care on the spot, if the injury warrants it. These highly trained professionals are quick thinkers and fast responders.

2. Physician Assistants

While many people may have never heard of them, physician assistants, or PAs, play an important role in all healthcare settings. They are professionals who can prescribe treatment plans and often medications, diagnose illnesses and provide an additional layer of expertise for a physician. Sometimes, they are the primary healthcare provider. With master’s degree-level training and rotations in many medical specialties, physician assistants are versatile experts.

3. Dieticians

If you’re passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, a career as a registered dietician may be the right choice for you. Dieticians are nutritional experts who work with individual patients to identify the right food habits and diets for them. By helping patients learn to improve their own health, dieticians enjoy a highly rewarding profession.

The field of healthcare is in-demand, meaningful and often considered recession-proof. If you’re looking to start a career in this exciting and impactful field, these three often overlooked paths could be promising options for your future.