Top 4 Reasons Homeowners Choose Metal Roofs

Metal is a new trend in non-industrial construction, especially for exteriors surfaces like roofing. Although you may be thinking of the old tin roof that was popular centuries ago, today’s metal roofing is something more. Here are just four reasons why so many are choosing metal roofs.


One of the main reasons to choose metal roofing is that it’s durable. While other roofing material is prone to cracking from high heat and weather, metal roofs are better able to withstand the elements. They are also impervious to insects and vermin and won’t support mildew and mold growth. One of the only disadvantages to metal is its tendency to rust. However, with the use of hot dip galvanizing equipment to coat and protect the metal used in roofing material, oxidation is no longer an issue.


Since metal can be manufactured in many different styles and colors, consumers are able to customize the look of a home by choosing accordingly. For instance, metal roofs can range from the traditional farmhouse look made with long panels to more contemporary styles that look like individual shingles or terracotta.


Metal roofing can be made using recycled material that is also free from petroleum-based products. Also, because they have to be replaced less often than other types, there is less waste created over time. Metal roofs are also particularly suited to holding solar panels for homeowners interested in using less power made by burning fossil fuels.


Although metal roofs initially cost more to install, the savings from energy costs add up. Rather than absorbing heat from the sun all day, metal roofs reflect the light and heat to keep homes cooler. Especially in warm-weather climates, this difference in temperature can translate to big savings on energy bills.

There are many choices for homeowners, but the trend toward metal roofing opens an exciting new world of design and choices.