Vistara launched travelling for Solo Womens !!

Vistara airlines

Indian Airlines now has come up with a idea of  more safe , comfortable  travelling for Solo Womens, by providing them with  preferred seats  flying on in  any domestic sector, as well as providing baggage and transport assistance on arrival. After national carrier Air India’s historic all-women crew flight around the world, Vistara too is planning to have its first flight on the Mumbai-Amritsar route operated entirely by women to ease travelling for solo womens.

‘Vistara airlines’ newly launched  “VistaraWomanFlyer service” for its  solo women travellers under which customers can select their preffered seats with booking management app. Not only booking but they also came up with a idea of providing total travelling for Solo Womens assistence regarding luggage , booking authorised taxi’s and safe escorting till taxi to  it’s solo women customers. Vistara claims that this service would not only pomote a safe travelling for  independent women but would also boost up the morale and confidence of women !!

Following Air India’s suit, Vistara’s inaugural flight from Mumbai to Amritsar will be operated by an all women crew. Vistara is a domestic carrier which was launched in 2013. Deepa Chadha, Senior Vice president of the airlines who would be flying in the inaugural Mumbai-Amritsar flight in a statement talked of the contributions of women to the wellbeing of the country and said that women make the economy stronger. “As part of the new service, Vistara will assign preferred seats to women, and will also provide baggage and transport assistance on arrival for women travelling alone,” said the airline, which is a joint venture of Tata and Singapore Airlines.Vistara flies to 19 destinations in India with over 500 weekly flights and 13 aircraft….

Jet Airways, too, will be operating four flights with all-women cockpit and cabin crew on its four sectors. These are Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai -Chennai, Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi- Bengaluru, the airline said.


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