Good Health Means Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Good Health Means Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Our bodies are constantly under attack by toxic substances such as pesticides, industrial chemical residues, synthetic hormones and preservatives. Also, drugs have a very big effect on the liver, just like chronic viral infections can, too. A damaged or diseased liver leaves us open to infections and strains us from important energy.

Toxins built up in the body put a continuous damper on the immune system, setting us and making us be more prone to diseases and cancer. A strong, healthy liver can help the body to reduce the effect and eliminate harmful material that hurt our bodies, so that you can enjoy a longer, healthier life. Even though you may be curious at the liver’s outstanding ability to clean up alcohol and other toxins from the blood, but when it comes to renewal, the liver is the main organ.

The liver is the largest organ in the body, it’s located on the right side of the abdomen, to the right of the stomach, behind the lower ribs and below the lungs. The liver does more then 400 tasks everyday to keep the human body healthy. The liver has a lot of important things to do and some are very important jobs too such as, changing food into nutrients the body can use, storing fats, sugars, iron, and vitamins for later use by the body, making the proteins needed from normal blood clotting, removing or chemically changing drugs, alcohol, and other substances that might be harmful or toxic to the body.

The liver also has four basic purposes it has to perform, it helps in digestion by absorbing the fats and certain vitamins, it helps give out the nutrients found in food, it helps clean the blood by removing medications and toxins, and it produces important proteins that affect the blood. The liver produces bile, which helps in the digestion and absorption of fats. Bile also aids in the absorption of substances such as vitamins A, D, E, and K and medication that people take as an immunosuppressive agent following liver transplantation. The bile is stored in the gallbladder which is right below the liver and then released into the intestines as needed. Together these organs process the nutrients found in the foods we eat.

The liver is very important, when having liver disease sometimes it causes hepatic encephalopathy, which involves brain damage, personality changes, and intellectual impairment due to hyperammonemia which is high levels of ammonia in the blood. The liver is the master organ in the human body and it’s said by great people we hear about today, that we are only as strong as the health of our liver. In a lot of ways, it is the most important organ in the body because it is the main cleaning filter. Keeping the liver healthy is hard to do with the life styles most of us live now days, by trying LiverCea, you can help your liver by detoxifying and restoring the function. This is formulated with a special combination of herbs from all over the world that detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen the liver.…

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The Celiac Medical Alert Bracelet Debate

The Celiac Medical Alert Bracelet Debate

There is a minor debate among those of us with celiac disease of the necessity of wearing a medical alert ID bracelet. Some consider it a non-life threatening condition and therefore dismiss the notion of wearing a medical alert tag, while others would never be without it. For many people, the decision depends upon the degree of their gluten intolerance. And the majority of celiacs have probably never even thought about wearing one or the consequences of being without one.

Most people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance prefer to think of it as little more than a food allergy. But a bout with gluten can result in more than a few hours or days of gastric distress. Each episode pushes one a step closer to major problems, such as osteoporosis, malabsorption, or colon cancer.

Currently, there are no government requirements regarding the labeling of drugs for gluten. Considering the vast number of drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients that contain gluten, including several brands of penicillin and aspirin, and especially those with inactive ingredients such as dextrate and starch, it would appear prudent, if not imperative, for any celiac to wear a medical alert ID bracelet. Pills (like many candies), are often dusted with gluten-containing flour to prevent sticking. Oil-filled capsules can contain gluten. And, of course, rubber and latex gloves are often dusted with flour.

If a celiac is in an accident or otherwise unable to speak for themselves, a medical alert ID bracelet can ensure a medical emergency is not further compounded by being exposed to, ingesting, or being injected intravenously with unnecessary gluten. It is especially important for young children, who may not be able to clearly explain their gluten intolerance condition.

I believe the real reason so many celiacs do not wear a medical alert ID is that the bracelets available at drugstores are, quite frankly, unattractive. But that is no longer an issue with so many interchangeable medical alert bracelets available on the Internet today. One ID plate can now be switched among an array of stylish and contemporary bracelets, from Swarovski crystals to turquoise gemstones.

One way to definitively convince a celiac that they should wear a medical ID tag is for them to imagine what would happen if they suffered from amnesia. It usually takes months, or years, of painful suffering before being diagnosed as a celiac. No one wants to chance having to go through that again!…

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How to Keep Your Blog Alive

How to Keep Your Blog Alive

One of the more difficult things to do while putting up a blog is to keep its freshness. If you wish to get enough traffic successfully along with readers and fans, you need to ensure that your blog always offers something new along with something exciting. Just supplying quality content will not be enough. You need to publish the content and the entire blog in a good and refreshing manner. In case the people visiting the blog find it to be boring, it’s quite likely that they will not come back and perhaps will not even read the rest of the blog. This will result in you losing readership and page views. All your hard work in creating the good content will go to waste. So, how to keep your blog fresh? Te answer is simple: Put forth sufficient commitment and try being creative.

Using commitment to the blog can cause great things to the blog as you make money on internet. Using commitment means giving sufficient time to read and study the best blog posts and even the blog content. You can read the top and the most recommended blogs and spot the reason for their success. Always concentrate on learning their way of presentation and how they attract readers. This will get you enough resources to decide what you need to do for your blog. You can browse through the different material to vitalize your creativity. And keep these tips in mind for freshening up your blog:

* Acquire the reader feedback: There cannot be a better way to understand what the readers want to read than by asking them. You will find that the internet users are very responsive and acquiring their feedback will not be too difficult. These users will let you know the subjects they don’t like and the ones they will like to discuss. It’s possible to base your choice of subject on the number of users recommending it. It is a simple and effective way of knowing which blog content will be popular.

* Select the right blogs for examining: Have you heard of angry blog syndrome? Ensure that you stay away from the blogs that are cynical about almost anything. These will not help in developing creativity. As a matter of fact these “angry” blogs affect your mentality in such a manner that your blog posts also begin to turn out in a similar manner. Refrain yourself from visiting these sites. Learn to judge which blogs are good and which are not. By studying the quality and recommended blogs you will learn what is necessary.

* Have some other persons guest post on the blog: If you are running short of new ideas or just plain not in a mood to write, have someone guest blog on the blog. This is useful in building rapport with the users. Feature some user for supplying their very own post. This gradually builds the lifeline of your blog. The users feel more comfortable with your blog as it is like being their own.

And lastly, you can keep your writing momentum up by just writing again and again. Note down any new ideas and just note anything that comes to your mind. In due time, it will become easier to write on any subject of any nature. Once you get in the flow of writing you will find it easy to make money on internet.

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Key Factors in Losing Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Virtually everyone will struggle with their weight at one point in their lives, so don’t feel alone. Instead of focusing solely on diet and exercise, there are some other things to consider. Here are the key factors to long-term weight loss.


Losing weight is not a race. You didn’t put the weight on in a day, so you shouldn’t expect it to come off that quickly. While it might be exciting to see a large amount of weight loss initially, you want the weight loss to slow down. Studies have shown that the slower you lose the weight, the longer it is likely to stay off. Don’t automatically look at yourself as a failure if you only lose one pound a week or your body is in a holding pattern. This is totally normal. Be patient and keep going.


A chart of a typical person’s weight loss journey is usually full of ups and downs. The variations are because it’s normal to have some days, weeks, or even months where you might not be as strict as you could be. No matter how off track you go, never give up. Keep making good food choices and doing your best to find ways to exercise as often as possible.

Perseverance is also needed for long-term weight loss management Arlington TX. Once you hit your goal weight, your body won’t magically stay that size. You’ll have to continue working at it for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you could find yourself gaining the weight back.


Probably the biggest factor in weight loss is loving yourself. It’s easy to see every flaw and negative personality trait, but beating yourself up won’t do you any good. If you eat something you feel you shouldn’t, don’t turn it into a moral dilemma. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Tell yourself often that you love yourself enough to fight to get healthy. Tell yourself that you’re a constant work in progress. Focusing on the positive things will help keep the negative thoughts at bay.…

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Cod Liver Oil Capsules – Does it Work?

Cod Liver Oil Capsules – Does it Work?

Cod liver oil capsules

I, like many others, can’t manage to include enough fish in my weekly diet, so I decided to explore the market for omega-3 supplements and found something called cod liver oil capsules. After doing some research on this product I was positively surprised finding Norwegian cod liver oil as one of the frequently mentioned fish oils. This was interesting because being a Norwegian I can vouch for the Norwegian populations of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) that this oil is harvested from. It is important for me that the omega-3 supplements are pure and come from a clean and healthy fish.

Fish oil benefits

Fish oil from cod contains several important nutrients that our body needs to function properly. Easily explained you could say that they are building blocks for your body, which include vitamins and fatty acids among others. Such nutrients are essential in maintaining the cellular clockwork of our body and they improve both health and fitness. Both these aspects can be boiled down to the individual health of each cell in our body and some of the fish oil benefits are that the nutrients feed the cells when for instance they divide. Every second of your adult life about 1.000.000 cells die and have to be replaced. This might seem a lot, but considering we have about 40-50 trillion cells in our body it’s only a small portion. However, to be able to replace the dying cells it’s important that we provide the living ones with the necessary nutrients (or building blocks). Cod liver oil capsules do exactly that.

When talking about omega-3 we may often read about fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids are known to reduce the risk of heart disease and also reduce pain when suffering from arthritis. Why we observe this effect is still under debate, but it is closely connected to the part described above.

Which product to choose

There are many companies that produce cod liver oil capsules with both varying quality and definitely varying prices. Further articles will focus on which products represent the best quality for money and hopefully I will find the perfect supplement for my (and maybe your) diet.…

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How to Choose the Best Shark Liver Oil Supplement

How to Choose the Best Shark Liver Oil Supplement

For many, one of the most difficult things is choosing the best shark liver oil supplement. A mountain of inventory is at both storefronts and internet stores which makes the decision process a tedious one.

Although one might be tempted to choose “any” product, supplement health care specialists don’t agree with this method, because it could be ineffective for health and wellness.

The best starting point when locating a shark liver oil supplement is making sure it has only oil and not cartilage. These are two different things. Shark cartilage has links to contamination and health concerns, including PCB, which may raise cholesterol levels.

Remember to always look for shark liver oil. Quality grade oil will not have fats, impurities, contaminants, heavy metals or pesticides.

It’s also very important to find a manufacturer with years of experience behind them. Having a manufacturer part of clinical studies and referred by doctors and health practitioners is another huge bonus. Like any good supplement finding a company which is reliable is essential.

In addition to making sure that a shark liver oil supplement has been clinically tested and has been part of scientific and clinical studies, potential buyers also want to make sure that this dietary soft gel vitamin is safe and free of contaminants.

Find a manufacturer which has a patented process of distillation which is a pharmaceutical grade type of system.

Also make certain the product has the following on its label:

No artificial preservatives

No colors

No dairy

No starch

No wheat

No yeast

No sugar

No soy protein

Shark liver oil, which is incredibly high in Omega 3s, has another powerhouse ingredient called alkylglycerols, otherwise known as AKG. This is what boosts the body’s immune system. AKG is found in human bone marrow, liver, spleen and breast milk. Babies which are breast-fed benefit from alkylglycerols giving them a host of health benefits which jump-start their immune systems.

Natural oil from the liver of a shark offers the same health perks to both children and adults.

Because alkylglycerols is such a gem for the immune system, retrieving it from a shark’s liver is best when ultra-pure and its potency guaranteed. And this is the reason behind finding a patented process of distillation.

Before starting any new supplement, please contact a health care professional for guidance including the right dosage amount.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations when buying this supplement. Buy only the best because shark liver oil improves health on so many levels.…

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A Well Know Diabetic Treatment Linked to Heart Attacks

A Well Know Diabetic Treatment Linked to Heart Attacks

Diabetes is being diagnosed at epic proportions right now, including juvenile diabetes which is at its all time high in the United States due to the spike in childhood obesity. While doctors are doing all they can to manage the disease one drug being used to treat it maybe causing further complications. It has been determined there is a link between the drug Avandia and heart attacks. While one of the complications of diabetes is increased risk for heart attack and stroke this does not paint a pretty picture for its users.

Avandia has been on the market for 9 plus years while over the past few years problems have been arising in users of Avandia. The drug is typically used in conjunction with metaformin and other diabetes medications, helping reduce the amount of glucose in the blood stream. But in 2007 a public safety advisory was placed on the drug Avandia saying that it increases cardiovascular risks. Additional risks were found including risk for osteoporosis, heart failure and liver failure. Liver failure can be a life threatening condition as well. The treatment for liver failure is a liver transplant. If you have any of the following side effects and are currently on Avandia report it to your physician:

Yellowing of the skin & eyes [Jaundice]


Stomach pain



In a study conducted by a Cleveland clinic over 14,000 Users were tested. The study was conducted by 2 researchers and showed that their was an increase in heart attacks among Avandia users by 43%. After the results were posted the New England Journal of Medicine the FDA recommended a Black Box Label be placed on the drug to warn consumers of the cardiovascular risks of Avandia.

Though there has not been a recall on Avandia there are ways to tell if you have been effected. Below are a list of cardiovascular side effects to be aware of when taking Avandia:

High blood pressure

Swelling of the arms & Legs

Fluid in Lungs

Weight gain

If you have any of these side effects and are currently on Avandia consult your physician. In addition there are several common side effects listed below:

Upper respiratory infections


Swelling or water weight gain

Back pain



Broken bones

Loss of Appetite

Changes in menstruation

Blurred Vision

Other common side effects of taking any diabetes controller medications are Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when the your glucose levels drop rapidly. Careful monitoring of your blood sugars and taking adequate sugar when dropping with keep you at the right levels.

Hyperglycemia is the elevation of your blood glucose level at a rapid pace. Remembering to take your medications, exercise, and watch your diet will assist in keeping your numbers where they are suppose to be while continuing treatments. Be sure to consult your physician about an action plan for monitoring your sugar levels.

Avandia is a beneficial treatment of Diabetes careful monitoring and self evaluation of side effects is important when taking any medication. If you have experienced side effects of cardiovascular conditions while on Avandia it is wise to consult your physician and a specialized Avandia lawyer. Remembering to put yourself and family first will keep you safe. While there has not been a recall on the drug Avandia a public safety advisory has been placed on its use. Remembering to take heed to the Black box label could save your life.…

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