Getting Help From an Assisted Living Facility for Daily Assistance

Most St. Augustine assisted living facilities are unique. You get long-term care as an option for your loved one; whether disabled or elderly. In most of these facilities, your loved one receives personalized support, housing, personal assistance, supervision, medical care, and other resources available to make their life much smoother and the transition process more adaptable.

The Services Offered

In the facility, each of the needs that residents have is usually different and so everyone has to be treated differently on an individual basis. Most assisted living facilities strive to provide an improved quality of life so that no one feels left out or overlooked. In many cases, the services include:

  • Regular meals – 3 times per day
  • A common area for dining
  • Medicine control and supervision
  • Housekeeping
  • Personal care
  • Transportation

Help With Simple Tasks

Some people when they are not able to do the same simple tasks such as dressing, eating, bathing, walk, doing laundry, or going to the bathroom. In those cases, an assisted living facility is extra significant. The staff is usually trained for providing assistance and there are typically medical doctors around to supervise the care of the residents.


If a loved one is aging and not able to live alone without supervision, then it is time to consider an assisted living facility. It provides them with a sense of being because of their association with other residents. It also gives them something to look forward to each day because of the recreational possibilities available.