Online Gifting Ideas When You Can’t See Your Loved Ones

Easter is in a couple of days along with what should be upcoming graduations, weddings, and events. Coronavirus may have everyone homebound, but it does not turn off the special events and milestones of you and your loved ones. You may not be able to see those you love in person right now, but you can still celebrate them and their special event. Here are three ideas to show that special someone you care and brighten their quarantined day.

1. Anything Wine

Fortunately, alcohol is considered an essential business and consumer spending reflect that. From widescale alcohol delivery to smaller mom and pop shops like a little winery gift shop Somerset CA, you can purchase quality wine, wine products, and wine-themed gift baskets to treat your friends and family members. Put something intentional and fun together that is custom-designed for the person you are gifting.

2. Comfort Food

Search online for companies that prepare home-made meals and other comfort items such as comfortable blankets. A basket of homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh rolls and a cozy blanket can be a welcome gift. This is especially true if the recipient is sick! Coronavirus or not, this is a great gift for anyone who is feeling emotionally or physically down.

3. Fun Activities

Put together an age-appropriate basket that includes items that help to pass the time. Some of these items might include books, sudoku, and puzzles. Or you can include things that help facilitate physical activity like a jump rope, resistance bands, and wristbands. Just be sure the person on the receiving end views it as a gift and not an insult!

Gift baskets have never been easier or more inclusive of all the events and celebrations that people experience. They also allow for customization and personalization. Give your loved one a unique gift basket that demonstrates intentional thoughtfulness and help bring a smile to their face.