Month: October 2019

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When It’s Time to Pay for Your Hospital Stay

When you’re having a medical emergency, the last thing you’re thinking about is how you’re going to pay for it. You need care, stat, and no other thoughts apply. But once the health crisis is over, you may find a financial crisis looming. Here are a few ways to get organized and prepared as those bills start rolling in.

Know What Your Insurance Pays For

You’ve probably scanned your benefits list and seen that your insurance pays a large percentage of hospitalization expenses. However, since hospital stays can cost tens of thousands of dollars, your small remaining percentage will be …

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3 Signs a Dental Handpiece is in Need of Repair

Dental handpieces are an invaluable part of the dentist’s arsenal of instruments. High speed handpieces allow dentists to do work more efficiently. Without properly functioning handpieces, decay is not totally removed and treatment may fail as a result. Because of the importance of having working dental equipment, knowing signs of malfunction in dental handpieces is critical in maintaining efficiency in your dental office. The signs often include overheating, leaking water and inefficient turning of the turbine.


Overheating is often one of the first signs that you need high speed handpiece repair. When the instruments that a dentist is …

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Protecting Your Health During a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can create conditions that encourage the spread of communicable illness, lead to unsafe food and drinking water and increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Here are some steps you can take to help you maintain your health while dealing with a natural disaster.

Disease Prevention

Probably the most important thing you can do to avoid communicable diseases is to wash your hands. However, disasters can lead to challenging conditions for keeping clean. Many emergency shelters offer mobile shower units. However, it is possible you won’t have access to running water, so you may want to keep …