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3 Advantages to Hiring a Senior Move Manager

For seniors who make the difficult decision to move from a lifelong home to a senior living community, the experience can be filled with many emotions. What many families often forget to consider when making this monumental decision is how challenging the actual move will prove to be. To help make this process run smooth, some older homeowners choose to hire one of the senior moving services Tulsa OK. Employing an experienced senior move manager can help reduce the stress of transitioning from what often is a large home to a much smaller residence. Doing so can help in three specific ways.

1. Reduce Time and Cost

Just like with any move, family members may feel that hiring a company to help with the move will be more expensive. While this is sometimes the case, hiring a senior move manager often saves much time and overlooked costs when making the move yourself, along with help from family. Some of these tasks and expenses include scheduling open houses, yard sales and flights for adult children who insist on helping.

2. Minimize Family Tension

As much as parents love their adult children, moving from a lifelong home can cause unanticipated conflict. All family members may find the experience emotional. Also, personality differences can lead to family arguments that may intensify. Move managers often act as facilitators and calmly diffuse tension.

3. Downsize With Respect

Leaving a home someone has lived in for many years will most likely be difficult. Adult children often struggle to understand the attachment their parents have with certain possessions. A senior move professional is trained to empathetically help the elderly relative make difficult decisions, while at the same time help the children to understand how their parents feel.

As shown, a senior move professional can be a wise investment when making a move from a family home to a retirement living community. You will not only get assistance with making the move, but a compassionate adviser that will help make the best of a highly emotional occasion.