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3 Things That Can Impact Speech Communication

For many, speech communication is the main type of interaction they engage in. Look into speech therapy South Miami FL to learn more about its importance. Check out this list of three things that can affect speech.

1. Cognitive Function

Cognition can impact an individual’s ability to speak properly. People who struggle with certain aspects related to their cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, orientation, organization, reasoning, and judgment, may find it hard to communicate their thoughts in a coherent manner. Some cognitive problems are the result of aging while others are the result of medical emergencies, such as strokes. It is best to inform a speech therapist of any cognitive issues with an individual so that he or she can plan therapy sessions accordingly.

2. Emotional Regulation

A person’s emotional state can affect his or her ability to converse with other people. Those who deal with extreme stress and anxiety may not be able to express themselves because their emotions are affecting their breathing, heart rate, and ability to enunciate words. Many individuals who have emotional regulation problems often find it difficult to initiate speech. They may go through several long pauses before uttering their first words. Those long pauses give them the chance to soothe themselves. Fortunately, speech-language pathologists can help clients build their emotional regulation skills so that they can speak fluidly.

3. Physical Trauma

People who have experienced physical trauma, such as a brain injury, often display speech disorders. Some have verbal apraxia, the impairment of motor skills needed to create speech sounds; others have dysarthria, the weakness of the facial, oral, throat, or chest muscles that make speech possible. Therapists can help people with traumatic injuries improve their speaking abilities; they can help them strengthen parts of their bodies and enhance their coordination.

Speech communication is vital. Several things can harm or better it.