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4 Ways to Treat Heart Failure

4 Ways to Treat Heart Failure

The heart plays a very important in role in keeping us alive. As a muscle it pumps blood and oxygen around the body to ensure the body functions properly. Without the heart we would not live for too long. When the heart is in good shape it ensures the body works and functions at its optimum level. A healthy heart enables the body to cope with the stresses that are put on the body during the day.

When the heart becomes weak and unhealthy its performance in pumping blood and life through the body begins to deteriorate. This deterioration gradually leads to a number of health complications. As it weakens the heart tries to compensate which puts extra pressure on it and over time leakages occur. People who suffer from heart failure have to lead restrictive lives.

However, heart failure in many cases is developed by the choices many people make in the way they lead their lives. If you have heart failure or a weakened heart you will more than likely have to make changes to your lifestyle that can include the following:

Your weight: People with this condition are less effective at retaining fluids in the body therefore, it is important that people watch their weight. It is recommended by doctors to measure your weight every day. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning time straight after you have been to the toilet and on an empty stomach. If you notice that your weight has gone up by more than two pounds then it is recommended that you contact your doctor. The increase in weight could be contributed to the body retaining fluids.

Reduce intake of salt: You should reduce your intake of salt or sodium as this causes the body to retain fluids. People with heart failure who take salt in their diet have a greater risk of health complications.

Light Physical Exercise: People with this condition can benefit from taking part in a little light to moderate physical exercise. In the past this was not advisable however, more research has revealed that taking regular light exercise is beneficial. It can help the heart muscles pump more effectively. As the heart pumps more effectively this results in the body functioning more effectively. If you have a weak heart you must get permission from your doctor before you take part in any exercise. The exercise must also be light.

Stop Smoking: If you smoke and have a heart condition then you are asking for trouble. Smoking contributes to heart disease. If you smoke you should quit immediately.