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Fun Things to Do At the Beach Besides Swim

Beach vacations are fun and can be completely relaxing. And while you can spend hours or days soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean water, some people want to enjoy other activities, too. Most tourist locations provide a wide range of things to enjoy, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas.

Go For a Ride

Most destinations have fun ways to travel along the shoreline other than walking. For instance, you can go horseback riding or rent ATVs. New Smyrna Beach bicycle rentals allow you to trek around the city without being cooped up in a car.

Enjoy Some Food

One great thing about beach vacations is the access to some incredible eating. Travel along the strip of any destination and you’re likely to find both familiar food options and things you can only find at their local restaurants. Some areas even offer food tours that let you experience a wide range of deliciousness in a short time.


If you enjoy bars, clubs, and lounges, you’ll definitely want to check out what options you have nearby. Of course, you want to be careful as you are in an unfamiliar locale, so be sure you check out reviews online before entering an establishment. Those reviews should give you a good sense of what the place is like for tourists. And always follow safety tips when traveling, whether you’re alone or with others.