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How Celebrities Stay Safe in Public

It can be hard being famous, especially as an actor or model. This is because everyone knows their faces and wants to meet them in person. How do they stay safe in public when they’re constantly mobbed by fans/reporters/attackers?

Disguise (They Get Paid To Act for a Living!)

Actors are paid a pretty penny to stand out on the silver screen. It’s a blessing for blowing up the box-office, but it’s a curse for standing in line for a Baconator. That’s they wear shades and cover their hair: It’s all so that they can walk around and do normal things the way that normal people do them.

It’s no wonder they’re caught so often; anyone would stand out wearing all of that. At least in cold climates, the shining stars can wear masks that cover most of their faces whenever the front hits. In general, foreign countries are a good idea for casual trips, especially countries that are culturally further away, because American celebrities are less likely to be recognized there.


OK, so their elaborate disguise has been seen through, and now they’re running from their adoring fans. It is illegal (and dangerous) to knowingly lead a violent mob through public streets. Therefore, public figures of popular interest often hire security guards in Detroit and other locations.

For celebrities, these strong and confident people can act as wide edifices, a fortified castle wall to shield their clients. A good team of bodyguards can protect famous people from all of life’s dangers.

Celebrities are like everyday folks, only richer and more recognizable. They need to do the same errands every week, and they need to do them on “hard mode.” They need to get away from Beverly Hills every once in a while. For situations such as these, privacy in public is a godsend.