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How to Be Healthy and Beautiful Inside and Outside

Being beautiful is everyone’s dream, especially women. No wonder if there are many people who take care of themselves at home even salon. Whether it’s hair, body, and others. You need to know how to be healthy and beautiful. It’s not only beneficial to get a beautiful face but also a healthy body. There are some ways that you can do in balancing these two.

Manage Protein-Rich Diet

Let’s get started it from the food. In getting a healthy body, of course we need to plan it well. Among the many types of food out there, you can choose those with high protein. As we know that some foods that contain of unhealthy ingredients like oil and lots of sweet are not good to consume every day. Therefore, you can manage protein-rich diet for glowing complexion. You can consume eggs, milk, cheese, and lean meat in the right portion. Besides good for skin, it’s also helpful to maintain healthy teeth and bones. This is the fist way how to be healthy and beautiful to try.

Reduce the Use of Makeup

You might don’t realize if wearing makeup everyday will affect your skin. Yeah, it’s true that makeup will turn your pale face into more beautiful. But on the other side, it provides side effects which are dangerous for health. There will be some problems that arise such as skin cancer, depression, even the disrupted reproductive system. This because contains hazardous chemicals. Therefore, you should reduce the use of makeup. But if you still want to wear it, choose products that provide safe ingredients.

Exfoliate Skin

Next thing you should do how to be healthy and beautiful is exfoliate skin. Cleaning the dirt on the skin is also very important. If you have never heard it before, exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells on the surface of the face. It is very useful to maintain clean skin so that it will be not dull. This process is actually carried out by the body naturally every 30 days. But as we get older, it takes longer in exfoliating our skin. Therefore, we need to do additional treatments. You can try facial, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Protect some Parts of the Body that are Often Ignored

Since our focus is how to be healthy and beautiful inside and outside, we need to protect our body well. You might don’t realize if some parts also need to pay attention about like hair and feet. These two are the examples of parts of the body that are often ignored. You can make both of them be healthier from now on. For the hair, you can buy conditioner at the supermarket or make DIY at home. There are some ingredients that can help you to get a beautiful hair such as aloe vera and coconut oil. While for the feet, you can apply oatmeal and coffee powder on it. Not only will make the smell better, it will also help your feet to breath.