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How to Lift Your Spirits When They Need a Boost

Whether you are social distancing, getting over bad news or just having a blue mood, you may be feeling in need of a pick-me-up. Luckily, there are many ways to lift your mood that don’t involve a four post lift Catawissa MO. Many don’t even cost a dime but can make you feel like a million dollars. Try one or more of these mood-lifting tips the next time you need a little happy in your life.

Listen to a Baby Laugh

There is almost no way you can resist laughing when you see and hear a baby do it with abandon. Babies don’t hold back and don’t care how they look or sound, so you get unfiltered, genuine delight. Who doesn’t need a little (or a lot) of that in their lives?

Enjoy Nature

There is something so calming about listening to the ocean, feeling a breeze through the trees or watching a sunrise. Even in the toughest times, seeing all the beauty that surrounds you can bring a smile to your face. Watch a bird soar, follow a butterfly through the yard or admire the blooming flowers when you feel stressed, and you’ll find that you breathe easier and feel less tense in no time.


This tip can be even more fun if you aren’t a dancer. Put on your favorite song as loud as you and your neighbors can stand it and whirl with abandon. Sing along if you want. Pretend you are four years old again and don’t care what anybody thinks.

Do Something for Someone Else

It is hard to dwell on your own feelings when you are focused on someone else. Even if you are simply calling up your elderly neighbor to see how they are doing, putting someone else’s needs first can put things in perspective. Your heart will warm, knowing you’ve spread some joy in someone else’s day.