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Lyme Disease and Its Natural Treatment

Lyme Disease and Its Natural Treatment

Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis is an evolving infection today. Borrrelia is visible in northern part and these bacteria can be transmitted to human bite by an infected tick. Various symptoms can be seen if you are infected such as fever, rash, and arthritis. If no prompt interventions done person could have altered level of consciousness.

Infection can be treated easily if you seek your doctor immediately. If diagnosed earlier but with delayed consultation, it can end up having late manifestation like nervous system disabling. To prevent from these tick bites and the other symptoms, be vigilant on how to use tick treatments for your family and your house free from natural flea.

Scary, right? Some people are meticulous in cleaning their house free from ticks. In doing such, they prefer to use chemicals that can be easily bought in the market while some don’t recognize the harmful effects in using these chemicals. Today, however, there is a new approach in getting your house free from tick treatment without using any chemicals by using a natural ways to intervene.

First, remove the moisturized damp woods in your backyard. Naturally fleas are highly attracted in moisturize places and it is the source of their food.

When going outside especially in the forest or woods tuck your pants inside your socks so that the tick would barely find your legs for their meal and wearing lighter clothes in order for you to see the tick immediately.

If you have children keep them away from the woods. We all know that children love to play outdoors. It is alright right as long as you just remember to examine your child twice a day especially in areas were natural flea can easily hide like behind the ears.

Avoid your pets to roam around the nearby bushes so that they will not acquire tick and preventing from carrying ticks from your home.

When you prefer spraying your house to ensure to eliminate ticks, use bar of pine tar soap, scrape a little amount, and dilute it in water and put it into a spray container. You can use it as air spray on your house, putting it as a repellent when going out and even a great soap for your dogs. It is very effective in tick treatment.

When you follow the above tips, for sure your house would be free from tick. Lyme disease can be prevented and curable. By using the natural ways you can save money and time to go to a grocery store to find the best tick treatment repellent for your family. Lastly, through this you will be able to have time for your family and protect them from harm.