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NASH Liver Diet – An Easy Step-By-Step Guide For You To Get Started Now

NASH Liver Diet – An Easy Step-By-Step Guide For You To Get Started Now

When I got diagnosed with NASH (Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis or the most severe stage in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) the other year, the doctors told me that all I could do is to eat right by having a balanced and healthy diet, to exercise, and to avoid bad habits. I thought that this diet for fatty liver would be very difficult since I really am a food lover.

I researched on how I could start my NASH diet but still feel satisfied. NASH liver diet is said to possible work since non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is due to any of the following causes: high-fat diet, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high triglyceride – all of which are controllable.

My nurse recently advised me to read an e-book named “The Fatty Liver Diet Guide” by Nurse Dorothy Spencer. She told me that it could probably help me start and maintain an effective liver disease diet. So I went ahead to buy the e-book and read it right away, hoping to find something about this particular diet.

I actually found the book very helpful! Nurse Dorothy recommended the same things – diet, exercise, and good habits – to treat NASH and fatty liver disease. According to her, A NASH liver diet must include the certain vitamins and minerals to reverse fatty liver. In Chapter 9, she discussed the good groups that were important in a NASH liver diet.

She also gave a specific daily and weekly diet plan, which I found very easy to follow and helpful. I was able to start my diet right away because of the recipes and the complete guide! The recipes for the this particular diet guide are included in the book so there was no excuse not to eat those yummy food suggestions. I never thought that a NASH liver diet could be as easy as that!

When I had my routine check-up three weeks ago, the doctors told me that the lab results showed positive results. I think that although I am not yet completely cured, the NASH liver diet must have had an effect on me and must have really helped.