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Natural Health Essentials For Summer

The heat of summer brings its own joys, such as days sitting poolside in the sun, or picnics with fresh fruit. However, it can also bring new challenges for health, such as sunburn or dehydration. You can learn all the ways to stay well by taking natural health courses winnipeg and by incorporating the below items into your summertime wellness routine.

Here are natural health essentials for summer.

Omega 3 Fish Oils

During the summer, many of us spend a lot more time outdoors and in the sun. This makes it an extremely important time to wear sunscreen and take precautions against sunburn or potentially, skin cancer. However, studies have found the regular consumption of omega 3 fish oils can actually help to protect the skin from sun damage, which increases the risk of skin cancer. However, you should not just use fish oil for protection. It is important to still wear sunscreen, as well as protective clothing, such as hats, sunglasses, and t-shirts.

Alkaline Water

Staying hydrated during the summer heat is essential in order to avoid health hazards from dehydration. If your body does not maintain a healthy temperature, you can become physically or mentally impaired from dehydration. Alkaline water uses alkaline minerals to increase the alkalinity of water, which is good for your blood and organs, and is free from harmful chemicals, such as fluoride, heavy metals, hormones, or even pesticides. Be sure to invest in a reusable jug or water bottle, rather than to use plastic water bottles, which are harmful to the environment.


Summertime can mean cookouts, barbecues, and vacations with plenty of yummy food and treats. Hot dogs, ice cream, and other summer snacks are high in carbs and sugar, and can bring unhealthy effects to the bacteria in our gut that is essential for proper digestion. A probiotic can help to restructure the form of our gut bacteria, helping to kill the bad bacteria and promote healthy digestion through the absorption of nutrients. This can also help to reduce bloat, which is great when it comes time to put on your swimsuit!