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Pre-Diabetics, Early Diabetics and Their Alcoholic Livers

Pre-Diabetics, Early Diabetics and Their Alcoholic Livers

But, I don’t drink alcohol, how could I have an alcoholic liver? Answer, because cirrhosis is cirrhosis and there is more than one way to develop liver cirrhosis.

In fact, there is a good chance you have early cirrhosis right now and don’t know it.

The first step in the development of an alcoholic liver is fatty infiltration. When present, it is said you have a fatty liver. There is an epidemic of people with fatty livers in this country that are not related to excessive alcohol. Doctors have named it non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Many of these non-alcoholic victims will see their livers continue on into full blown cirrhotic livers. And, here is the point. There is absolutely no difference between an alcoholically destroyed liver and a non-alcoholically destroyed liver. They are the same, even under a microscope.

Before I get to the cause I should say that not everyone with a fatty liver will progress on to the loss of a liver, but a significant number will. It is well established that those who are obese, diabetic or have metabolic syndrome will likely have a fatty liver.

It is suspected that those who are heading toward metabolic type diseases, the junk food eaters, fast food eaters and bad food choice eaters, all have fatty livers too. So if you are pre-diabetic, or think you may be, you are definitely right in there along with the others.

What is behind this literal explosion of fatty livers? The short answer is fructose. More specifically fructose enhanced corn syrup. Where do you get all this fructose enhanced corn syrup? Most often fructose is in what you drink: sodas, sports drinks, juices, and even some health drinks. Fructose is an additive to most foods, especially fast foods.

An alcoholic generally shows low good fats in the blood and high bad fats; constant fructose drinkers or eaters have the same blood profile. Alcohol is not metabolized in the body the same as a carbohydrate, it is metabolized as an oil. Fructose is not metabolized in the body like a carbohydrate, it is metabolized as an oil. A soda belly is identical to a beer belly. In a one sense, fructose is the solid form of alcohol, but with a much slower progression of intoxication, or poisoning.

Fructose in high doses over time is a slow poison to human metabolism exactly the same as with chronic alcoholism. In nature, fructose is only found in high fiber plants — natures way of protecting the user. Soft drinks and fast foods are virtually fiber less.

Avoidance of fructose is the first line of defense against a fatty liver — meaning read the labels — meaning avoid fast foods. And most importantly discontinue all soft drinks the majority of which contain fructose.

If you have a fatty liver as according to the statistics, one in three Americans have, then you have the beginnings of an alcoholic liver, believe it or not. And, now you know what to do about it.