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Simple Herbal Food to Lower High Blood Pressure

The existence of various kinds of unhealthy foods make people affected by the diseases. there are many diseases that suffered by people even at the young ages such as high blood pressure. That is why people who are aware of their health turn to herbal food as their main food. It is because herbal food are more safety for body. There will be no side effect for people who consume it. You can find simple herbal food at your home to consume it daily. If you are looking for herbal food to lower high blood pressure, this is the right place for you. You can see it below.


If you like green leafy vegetables, you should know that it can lower your high blood pressure. You can choose one of the green leafy vegetables such as spinach. This herbal food is easy to find at the supermarket or you can plant it at your home. It has a high nutritional composition such as fiber, potassium,and calcium. Spinach also contains of a peptide that can lower blood pressure. Besides, the lower composition of sodium can keep your blood pressure in stable position.


For people with hypertension, it is good to consume foods with low sodium. Banana is one of foods that you can choose. This herbal food is suitable to lower your blood pressure because it contains of potassium. The highest of the potassium composition in the food, the lower your blood pressure you get.


Oatmeal is the next herbal food that you can try. It has high fibre that is easily absorbed by the body. The outermost layer of wheat seed contains of soluble fibre that can bind the cholesterol and remove it from your body.

Sunflower Seeds

If you like to eat sunflower seeds as your snack, it is very good for you. It is because these sunflower seeds contain of many nutrients and vitamins such as B1 and B2 that are good for your body. The mineral content in sunflower seeds can also lower your blood pressure.


Garlic is the last choice for you to try. This is considered as the most powerful way to lower blood pressure. It contains of peptide, magnesium, and phosphorus to lower blood pressure. If you can not eat it directly, you can mix it with the soup you like.

By knowing all the foods above, you can choose one herbal food that you like. In getting the real benefits, eat it regularly or you can combine it with foods you like. Hope it help you to get stable blood pressure or even lower.