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Three Types of Herbal Medicine You Should Try

It’s not the time anymore to worry about herbal medicine. We are already know the benefits in consuming herbal medicine. Besides giving positive impact, knowing herbal medicine will raise our awareness about herbs. There are three types of herbal medicine that you should try here. It’s good for those who are bored consuming capsule. Buy or even try these three types of herbal medicine by yourself at home.

Infused Water

You don’t have to always consume capsule in getting the goodness of herbal medicine. Infused water is one of the types of herbal medicine you can try. If you are familiar with the using of infused water for reducing fat belly, you also can try this to be your herbal medicine. Even it’s more tasty because you can mix it with fruits you like. But I suggest you to combine the herbs which are good for specific disease like diabetic. You can use tea leaves, lemon, and ginger to make this first types of herbal medicine.

In the form of Powder

If you want to heal your outer body from injury, you should try the second types of herbal medicine. Previously, infused water is very useful in healing or keeping your inner body. Then for outer body, you can buy or try herbal medicine in the form of powder. There are already store which sell herbal medicine powder offline of online. But if it is emergency, you can try to chop the herbs you find at home in to small or softer texture. After that put it in the wounded area. Turmeric and garlic are the examples of herbs you can use as the second types of herbal medicine.

Liquid Essence

Liquid essence becomes the next types of herbal medicine to try. This form is good for relieving method. There are already brands which sell oil or essence of some herbs such as olive and eucalyptus. You can use this liquid essence to relief your pain such as headache or for relaxation only.