General Article

Tips for Writing Quality Journal Articles

One of the requirements of good and quality scientific articles must be able to provide benefits or contributions to science. The contribution in question is like generating a new theory or perfecting previous theories. At the very least, reading scientific articles that have been made can influence other people to find new ideas or ideas so that they can encourage the development of science. This kind of thing is also a contribution to science.

Research Articles

Research Articles are scientific articles that contain new scientific information and have been published in journals, both national and international journals. Research Articles or in Indonesian referred to as scientific articles explain the results of research that are new and original and explain how the research methodology has been carried out, data processing used to conduct research and an explanation of how to collect data and analyze the results of research that has been carried out.

Review Articles

Review articles contain a review of a field or subject and a summary of research visit the chicago tribune obituaries that has been done. Review articles are usually defined as the start and end of the year the literature study is published. This type of article has similarities with research articles . Both articles were published in peer reviewed journals, but this article is a summary of the sub-fields. In this article there is also no methodology sub-chapter. To start research, it is better to do a literature study on review articles first and then proceed to technical papers. This is done to get an overview of the problems faced in writing scientific articles which include the techniques used and determining the state of the art of a research.

News Articles

News Articles contain explanations and analysis of the results of research conducted. Target news articles are intended for the layman. The main purpose of news articles is to provide accurate information or insight to the public based on observations, experiments, or surveys that have been carried out by researchers.

Select and Focus on a specific topic

Before conducting research, what needs to be done first is to determine the research topic. Choose a research topic based on your interests and talents or commonly called your passion in a field. The selection of topics according to interests is expected to produce optimal research. Focusing on the research topic will make it easier to conduct a literature study and find the state of the art of the specified topic.