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Top Benefits of Dentures

Losing your teeth is a major event. Many patients have a lot of anxiety over what will happen to them after they lose their teeth. If you’re facing tooth loss, remember that you aren’t alone. Fortunately, dentists understand how to help you function just as you did before, if not better, with the use of dentures.

Dentures Allow You to Eat

If you have tooth pain or tooth loss, you may be unable to enjoy the foods that you used to love. When considering dentures, a lot of patients worry that they’ll have to restrict their diet. When you have dentures, you can eat like you normally did. As long as you have dentures that fit, you can eat all the foods that you enjoy without any pain or discomfort.

Dentures Restore Your Smile

When you see your new smile with the dentures Happy Valley patients love, you’ll be thrilled. If you’ve been having problems with your teeth for a while, it’s likely that you lost some confidence in your smile. Your dentures will look like natural teeth. When you smile, speak or laugh, you’ll want to show your teeth off.

Dentures Preserve Your Bone Structure

Did you know that your teeth affect how your face looks? If you lose your teeth, you can also lose bone. This can completely alter your facial structure. If you have dentures, you can restore the shape of your face. The dentures can be designed to preserver the way that your face looks. Those without dentures may notice their a sinking in their lips and cheeks. This loss will become more noticeable over time.

When it comes to tooth loss, you don’t have to worry about losing your smile. You have options to restore it. When considering what to do, remember that dentures not only help you smile confidently, but they can preserve your bone structure and help you to eat again.