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10 Tips to a Healthy Heart

10 Tips to a Healthy Heart

Today, everyone is talking about leading a healthy life and eating food that is good for the heart. Having a healthy heart is not only important for the old, even the young need to take care of their hearts.

Healthy Heart Tips

Here are 10 tips that will help you have a healthy heart and live a healthy life.

1. Stop Smoking

Quit smoking. This is a very important step towards living a healthy life. However, you should take a cup of oat straw infusion or sunflower seeds a month before you start to quit smoking. Sunflower seeds have the power to minimize craving for nicotine as they fill up the nicotine receptors. Your nerves and blood vessels have to be prepared against the affect of withdrawal, and the infusion helps in strengthening the nerves and the blood vessels.

2. Touch

Research has shown that people who are living a life full of love and affection are less likely to develop heart problems as compared to other people.

3. Seaweeds

It has also been found that seaweed is quite effective in maintaining a healthy heart.

• It helps calm down the blood pressure.• It helps regulate triglyceride levels.• It controls cholesterol and phospholipids in the body.• It helps in dissolving the fat inside the blood vessels.• It can help in restoring the proper functioning of the heart.• It can help in extending the life of heart muscles and getting a stable heartbeat.

4. Beta-carotenes

Beta carotene helps in reducing the chances of strokes by as much as 40%. Some of the foods that contain high amount of beta-carotene are:

• Cabbage• Carrots• Winter squash• Dark leafy vegetables• Sweet potatoes• Seaweed• Apricots.

5. Garlic

Studies have shown that garlic helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and phospholipids. It also helps in other things like:

• Strengthening the functioning of the heart.• Increasing the immune system response.• Reducing clotting and clumping of platelets which helps in reducing strokes.• Stabilizing blood sugar level.

You should include a few cloves of garlic in your food.

6. Essential Fatty Acids

Increase your intake of food high in essential fatty acids. The best example of this type of food is flax seed oil or wheat germ.

7. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm helps in strengthening the heart. You can drink it as tea or a few leaves can be steeped in white wine for a couple of hours before you drink it with the dinner. You can also use lemon balm vinegar along with the salads.

8. Remain Active

Maintain an active lifestyle. Go for daily walks, swimming and regular exercise. Skip rope and engage in as much physical activity as you can.

9. Avoid Restrictive Diet

Avoid fasting, dieting or binging as they put your electrolyte levels out of balance. This can adversely affect your heart muscles, thus making them weak.

10. Healthy Food

Eat healthy food like whole grains, beans, vegetables, greens, seeds, fruits and fish. However, reduce the intake of dairy products.

Following these tips can help you strengthen your heart and say goodbye to future strokes or the need to undergo surgery and subsequent operating room protocols.