Month: July 2019

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The Many Uses of Rubber Bands

Circular rubber objects are all around you, from tiny Dental O Rings to the fan belt in your car. The most commonly used one, though, has to be the humble rubber band. You’ve probably employed rubber bands to hold papers together, fasten a ponytail, seal up a bag in the pantry, or maybe snap at somebody. With a little imagination, though, you can find many more ways to put these stretchy accessories to good use.

Get a Grip

Wrap a few rubber bands around a glass or cup to make an instant rubberized grip to avoid slips. A handful will …

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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

If the special woman in your life already has everything she needs, gift shopping can be frustrating. No matter what holiday is approaching, here are some perfect gift ideas that will make her day and turn you into her hero.

A Day at the Spa

Even women who have everything sometimes neglect to take care of themselves. Give your loved one a little R&R by presenting her with a gift certificate for a day at the spa. You may choose to include certain services, such as a massage or facial norfolk va, or you can let her choose which …

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How To Make Productivity a Lifestyle

In every field of work and play, people are looking for ways to become more productive. What many people don’t realize is that many productive individuals say that productivity is less about completing tasks fast and more about having a certain mindset. To help embrace the productivity lifestyle, consider some of the tips listed below.

Join a Community

One of the first and easiest steps you can take on your journey to a more productive lifestyle is to join a community of individuals seeking similar goals. By surrounding yourself with positive people who are looking for ways to better their …

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Battling Migraines with Botox

Migraines are more than a simple headache. Symptoms include intense headache pain and sensitivity to light and sound that can make these headaches worse. As Botox has grown in popularity over the years as a way to fix the signs of aging, medical professionals realized it can also help with migraine headaches. If you are considering Botox for migraines Jacksonville FL, read on to learn more about this treatment option.

What is Botox?

Botox is the trademarked name for injections of a toxin called Clostridium botulinum. This toxin also referred to as a neurotoxin, is produced by a bacteria …

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Finding a Natural Birth Provider You Love

Congratulations, you’re expanding your family! The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is, as they say, a miracle. Your body, mind, and soul are making a lot of changes — and you’re facing an endless stream of decisions. When it comes to bringing your new bundle of joy into the world, natural birth centers are a wonderful choice for many women. They combine the comfort of a dedicated and professional team with the relaxing feel of home.

If you’re looking for a natural birth provider, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips to help you find a …

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Breast Cancer Diagnostics

Researchers predict that, before the year 2019 is over, 268,600 women and 2,670 men will be diagnosed with new cases of breast cancer in the United States. The odds of successful treatment are better the earlier the cancer is detected and diagnosed. Therefore, doctors recommend a number of diagnostic and screening procedures to patients, especially those particularly at risk for breast cancer.

Some of the diagnostic procedures mentioned below involve advanced imaging Toms River NJ. Others require no special equipment and can be performed at home.

1. Mammogram

A mammogram is probably what most people think of first when …