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The Many Uses of Rubber Bands

Circular rubber objects are all around you, from tiny Dental O Rings to the fan belt in your car. The most commonly used one, though, has to be the humble rubber band. You’ve probably employed rubber bands to hold papers together, fasten a ponytail, seal up a bag in the pantry, or maybe snap at somebody. With a little imagination, though, you can find many more ways to put these stretchy accessories to good use.

Get a Grip

Wrap a few rubber bands around a glass or cup to make an instant rubberized grip to avoid slips. A handful will do in a pinch to help you open a stubborn jar or bottle top. Use heavy-duty rubber bands to hold together everything from a loose-lidded box to a shoe that’s separating from its sole.

Pretty Presents

A few handfuls of colorful rubber bands in a clear plastic box makes a useful gift. Or stretch those rubber bands around the outside of the box in neat rows for a multihued pencil or trinket cup. Knot together a number of rubber bands to fashion a handmade necklace. Out of tape and ribbon? Use rubber bands to hold the gift wrap on a small to midsize gift.

Straightening Up

Use rubber bands to bring order to the chaos of a drawer or desktop, grouping pens and pencils into neat clumps. They can also turn a rat’s nest of earbud or earphone cords into an orderly bunch you can pull one from quickly. Poke pierced earrings through a rubber band to keep pairs in one place. Hang paper clips over a rubber band to keep them orderly and available.

If you run out of uses for your rubber bands, amuse yourself by stretching them over each other to form a bigger and bigger ball. They’ll be there waiting for when you need them again.