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Types of Skin Food Mask You Should Know

When we talk about skin food, what do you have in mind? Is this a treatment or a famous product? In a very advanced era like this, there are more beauty products are available. Skin becomes part of the body that is often a concern. This is because if not treated properly, this will affect our appearance. Therefore, you can start to apply skin food mask. There are already many products in most of beauty shop. But you should know first about the types below.

White Egg Pore

If you have large pore problems, this type of skin food mask is perfect for you. You can use it several times a week. When viewed from its colour, it looks like egg white. No need to wear it too thick because it will not work maximally. In terms of benefits, this mask will cleanse your pores thoroughly. The content of egg whites can shrink pores that have been your biggest problem. Not only that, this mask also controls oil and prevents acnes. To get maximum results, use twice a week.

Black Sugar

The next type of skin food mask is black sugar mask wash off. If you are wondering what is this product for, it’s suitable for those who want clear and soft skin. From the ingredients, it contains of organic black sugar as an exfoliator. Maybe you’ve heard about the exfoliation process. Yes, this is suitable remove dead skin cells. In addition, this mask also useful as a scrub. In general, this mask is made using ingredients that are fragrance. This may be because it can cause a better fragrance.

Rice Mask

Besides black sugar mask wash off, there is also rice mask wash off. As the name implies, of course it’s made from rice. Rice is widely used as a basis for skincare. This rice-containing mask has many benefits such as helping speed up the peeling process and whiten the skin. But this type of mask also has a sugar content. So, this cannot be left in a long time like a mask in general. This is because it will melt and can even enter the eye. So, it’s better to absorb well, then you can clean it with water.

Coconut Sugar

There is another type of skin food mask namely coconut sugar mask wash off. You might be not really familiar with this one. But apparently this type is also good for cleaning the face. When we talk about the ingredients, it contains of coconut sugar and coconut pulp. It has also a lot of minerals and nutrients. No wonder if this type of mask can lift dead skin cells and make your face moisturized.

According to the choices above, which one do you think is better? But whatever you choose, make sure that you pay attention to the ingredients, benefits, and also how to use it. It’s because Incorrect use or wrong base material will affect the results. So, you have be more careful in choosing anything for your skin