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6 Tips for Taking Great Family Photos

With family life being so busy, it can be difficult to round up everyone for a family photograph. However, it is so important to capture memories at various stages in your children’s life. Here are some tips for taking family photos that make you smile when you look at them.

1. Hire a Professional

While you could ask a friend or neighbor to take your family photos, professional family portrait photography Erie PA can show off your family to the best possible advantage.

2. Keep the Session Short

If the photography session drags on interminably, kids may become bored and cranky. Talk with your photographer about how long to make the session last and try to keep it under half an hour.

3. Feed Your Family Beforehand

Hunger is another thing that can make children cranky and spoil your family pictures. Feed a substantial meal before you start getting ready for the session.

4. Dress up

While there’s something to be said for casual pictures, you are more likely to be satisfied by them if you dress up in your nicest clothes.

5. Feel Beautiful

Working within your budget, have whatever treatments you need to make you look and feel your best, such as a haircut or a manicure. Have this done as soon as possible before the photo session, preferably the day before.

6. Take Pictures Outside

Taking pictures outside makes kids more relaxed for the photo session, which translates to better pictures. Natural settings make a beautiful backdrop, and natural light is preferable to artificial. Talk with your photographer about scheduling your session during the “golden hour,” either the first or last hour of daylight. The slanting rays of the sun give everything an otherworldly glow.

When it comes to family portraits, embrace the unexpected. You may not get exactly the pose you want, but what you do get may end up much more natural and spontaneous, which may make for a better photograph. Plan what you can ahead of time, then sit back and let it happen.