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A Healthy Heart Through Healthy Exercises

A Healthy Heart Through Healthy Exercises

A healthy heart will keep the body going for many years. In order to keep this blood pumping muscle in shape you will have to keep the cholesterol level under control, eat the correct foods, and get plenty of exercise. You do not need to run five miles in order to get the heart pumping but a bit of workout everyday is a must.

Cholesterol can put unnecessary strain on the body and heart. In order to keep high cholesterol at bay, try including high fiber such as oatmeal in the morning diet. If you have a problem taking omega 3 tablets then eat fish instead. Plenty of nuts eaten for snacks will also help with cholesterol while keeping your blood vessels very healthy.

In order to improve the heart pumping and the blood flowing walking is the best exercise. Walking at a brisk pace and maintaining it throughout the duration should be the objective so you can feel the heart working. If you do not do a lot of walking, then pace yourself each night. The goal is to actually walk one hour a day to keep a healthy heart.

Pilates is a great exercise program that will keep the body in shape. The great thing about this program is not how many repetitions you do but how well you do the exercises. The program is able to show you the proper way to strengthen your core muscles. You may not think Pilates can get the heart pumping but it does and you will feel great afterwards.

Another exercise program that you could do is Yoga. Yoga is a form of meditation that unites the body, mind and spirit together. You will be shown the proper poses in order to create the proper balance in yourself. This program will also help to keep a healthy heart while getting the body in shape over time.