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A Synopsis About Night Sweats

A Synopsis About Night Sweats

Night sweats is such a problem in which an individual experiences sweat to such an extent during sleep that he or she may end up dripping wet in it. This is not due to hot temperature or too many blankets. Also flushing may take place, causing burning of the face and chest.

The condition may be so extreme that the person suffering from it may feel totally soaked in sweat, causing him or her to wake up. On the other hand, night sweats are not considered a critical health problem. It is a condition that is commonly experienced by many people.

The basic causes of how this problem might begin are various and may differ from each individual. This is exactly why the practitioner who is dealing with such a case should make it a point to study the individual’s medical history, and reach to a conclusion of what caused it.

The reasons why night sweats may start taking place consist of medicines, infections and different cancers. In women, a common cause is menopause, which leads to hot flashes which usually are linked to this problem.

Moreover, idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a state experienced by a person that causes extensive perspiration. The levels of sweating may exceed the ones required to maintain a specific temperature of the body.

Other common causes of night sweats are tuberculosis, HIV AIDS and some forms of cancer. Lymphoma is a specific example of cancer that causes night sweats.

In case the conditions that have been mentioned above are not present, and are not the main cause of night sweats, then there would be a possibility that side effects of some medicines that were taken have lead to it. Medicines whose side effects may include that of night sweating are anti-depressants which have a great likelihood of causing it, and psychiatric drugs. Another example includes that of aspirin, which is taken in the condition of high fever.