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An Introduction to the Liver Detox Diet

An Introduction to the Liver Detox Diet

The liver is an important organ that should be given proper care. Its role is to clear out toxins from the body. If one stops to think about it, it is overwhelming how many toxins get into our bodies on a daily basis. Every time a person eats something unhealthy, drinks too much alcohol, takes drugs or smokes, toxins are ingested. Every single one of these toxins are processed by the liver, that then does its best to clear these toxins out of the body via a person’s urine, excrement or sweat.

However, the liver does have its limits. In some cases the liver gets overloaded and cannot process the toxins out of a person’s system. This can have disastrous consequences for a person’s health. It is important for a person to do all that is in his or her power to keep the liver functioning well. Going on a liver detox diet every so often can help the liver to clear out excess toxins and stay in good working order.

There are many different liver diets floating around. One can find a diet of this nature online quite easily. Some diets only last a few days while others last up to three weeks. Most liver detox diets consist of eating mostly uncooked fruits and vegetables along with whole grain foods. Water also plays an important role in any liver detox diet. A person that is going on such a diet will need to drink at least eight cups of water per day for it to be fully effective. Junk foods, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and drugs must be given up when going on a liver detox diet.

The Seven Day Liver Detox Diet Plan:

Day 1- Day 3: This phase of this diet involves drinking only liquids. A person that embarks on this particular diet will need to limit him or herself to only drinking fresh lime juice and lots of water. This phase is one of the most difficult, as a person is basically fasting and will feel weak and tired. One can, if he or she desires, do some light exercise while on this phase of the liver detox diet. However, it is important to allow plenty of time to rest and not overdo.

Day 4 – Day 6: This phase of the liver detox diet is much easier to handle. A person can eat all raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grain foods and boiled vegetables are also allowed. However, while a person can eat certain foods at this stage of the detox diet, he or she will also need to continue to drink plenty of liquids. Liquids that are permitted at this stage of the diet are broth, herbal teas and homemade fruit and vegetable juice.

Day 7: One can eat the same foods that are allowed for days 4 – 6. One can also steam his or her vegetables instead of eating them either raw or boiled. Herbs that are recommended for this stage of the diet are Rosemary and Dandelion.

While going on a liver detox diet is a great way to help the liver clean out toxins from the system, it can also have negative side effects. A person should consult his or her doctor before embarking on this type of cleansing. An individual that experiencing symptoms such as vomiting and pain should stop the diet immediately and seek medical help.