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A Liver Detox Diet Can Help to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

A Liver Detox Diet Can Help to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is one that many people do not even realize they have. One reason this may be the case is that any number of people have tried a liver detox diet to lose weight. This type of diet can do more than help you lose some unwanted fat. It can also help to slow or stop the progression of fatty liver disease. This disease is caused by a buildup of fat within the liver cells. As there are no specific symptoms that point to this condition, it can be difficult to diagnose. If you have concerns that you may be at risk, a liver detox diet can be of great help.

This diet follows many of the rules of good eating. Start with high fiber foods. An increase in this area will help during the digestion process. Fiber helps to burn and rid your liver of excess fats. Even if you don’t actually increase your intake in this area, you can lower your consumption of foods that contain little, if any, fiber. Desserts and alcohol should be at the top of the list.

Low calories food should also be a part of your liver detox diet. Not only will this help you to drop the unwanted pounds, but it will also help rid your body of excess fats stored in the liver. Your heart muscle has to work harder when you have excess fat in the body. By lowering your caloric intake, you can reduce this stress on the heart.

Not only will your liver benefit, but your entire body will. This is easier than you think. Eat smaller portions more frequently so your body can burn them off quicker. Also, substitute healthier foods for junk ones. Wheat crackers can be substituted for chips or a non-alcoholic beer for a regular one. Small steps do make a difference.

Reduce your fat intake. Eat more food with low saturated fat. Processed foods often have this hidden within them so start reading labels. Keep your total fat intake to less that 30% of your daily calories. Again, you will have to pay attention to labels, but your liver and your life are worth it.