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The Wonders of Cod Liver Oil

The Wonders of Cod Liver Oil

There are indeed wonderful healing benefits derived from the use of cod liver oil. This age-old remedy will work wonders on curing just about any ailment you are experiencing. The techniques employed to obtain Norwegian cod liver oil is of a high standard. The days whereby people used to scoop up the oil from barrels are gone. Regulations are in place so that only the very best cod liver filtered from any mercury and toxic substances will make it to the shelves for purchasing.

The cod liver oil has certainly made its rounds in …

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Ring Worm on Skin

Ring Worm on Skin

Nobody would like to have infections on their skin or in any other parts of the body but for some reasons a number of people have experienced ring worm. This fungal infection can affect anybody at any time. Everybody is at risk of getting skin disease like ringworm skin can look so red, itchy and scaly in the middle and and its borders. Children and elderly people are the ones easily get affected with infectious disease because of lower immunity to illnesses.

Ring worm usually appears like small patches on the skin, usually very itchy with …

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The Advantages of Having a Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal fitness trainer can help you reach your fitness goals more effectively. They can also help you enjoy your workouts more. If you have always been apprehensive about working out, hiring a personal fitness trainer can help you overcome this obstacle. Having a personal trainer can make working out more fun and make you feel more confident about your ability to succeed.

Working With A Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal fitness trainer is a great way to meet your fitness goals. With the change in seasons, work schedules become more strict, and holiday events fill the calendar, achieving your

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Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osgood-Schlatter disease is a condition characterised by pain and tenderness over the most prominent bony part over the tibia just below the front of the knee (the tibial tubercle). It is the commonest form of traction apophysitis.

Clinical presentation:

It usually occurs in children in the age group of 10-14 years especially those involved in running or jumping sports. It is almost 4 times commoner in boys than in girls. It is characterised by anterior knee pain and tenderness which worsens on activity. A typical feature is difficulty in kneeling down.


Pain, tenderness and swelling over the …

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Things to Look For in Hearing Aids

Whether buying a new pair of hearing aids or getting your first pair for an elderly loved one, there are some things to remember when choosing them. These factors will help you make the best choice.


Using noise-canceling features in hearing aids can improve speech intelligibility in the presence of background noise. These features are also crucial to hearing aid users, who may spend most of their day in a noisy environment. In addition to identifying and eliminating background noise, noise-canceling hearing aids can improve speech intelligibility by boosting dynamic sounds. Adaptive noise reduction also improves listener comfort. A

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What is Hepatocyte Structure? How Does it Affect Health?

Generally speaking, hepatocytes are a type of cell found in the liver. They are responsible for the production of proteins known as innate immunity proteins. They also help in the breakdown of bilirubin and help excrete biliary fluid.

Innate immunity proteins produced by hepatocytes

During a viral or bacterial infection, the natural immune response plays an essential role in defending the host. Hepatocytes are essential in producing acute-phase proteins participating in the innate immune response. Hepatocytes are also responsible for producing complement proteins that act as regulators of the immune response. In addition to complement, the liver also has a

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Qualities to Look For in Solventless Hashish

A solventless process leaves the plant’s true expression. This means it can’t fix plant material problems. Those issues will be picked up on the back end of the process. The process itself can also preserve a plant’s natural flavor and aroma. As such, it is an ideal solution for any cannabis business.

Hash rosin

When preparing hash for Bay Area solventless extraction, there are several steps involved. Firstly, the hash is placed into a rosin filter bag or wrap. Then, it is placed between two heated plates, which should be lined with parchment paper or PTFE. Then, it is pressed

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Eating Disorder Treatment – Know Your Options

Whether you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, several treatment options are available. While prescription medications are apparent, you can look into cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other alternative treatments.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Choosing the proper eating disorder treatment depends on your symptoms, the severity of your disorder, and your budget. You may be able to access treatment through a private health insurance plan, or you may need to pay out-of-pocket. However, before you start, you should discuss your financial situation with your treatment team.

One of the most effective treatments for an eating disorder is

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Facts About HCC Risk Adjustment Coding

During the last few years, healthcare providers have begun to employ risk adjustment coding to help predict costs associated with treating Medicare Advantage plan beneficiaries. In addition to the price, healthcare professionals also consider the patient’s age, gender, and degree of social risk. In addition, the advancement of AI and machine learning has impacted how healthcare practitioners interpret and manage data.

Variations by age group

Several studies have used variations in HCC risk adjustment coding by age group to identify factors associated with increased HCC scores. To understand these factors, researchers followed Medicare beneficiaries for two years before and three

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What You Need to Know About Travel Nurse Jobs

Whether you’re a nurse considering a career change or an experienced nurse looking to make a little extra money, travel nurse jobs are an option worth considering. First, however, there are a few things you need to know about travel nurse jobs before you take on a new position.

Become a Registered Nurse

Whether you want to become a registered nurse for travel nurse jobs or consider a nursing career, you’ll want to start by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). This degree offers you the best education for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Getting your BSN will make it easier

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The Facts About Delta-9 THC

Using Delta-9 THC has many benefits, but there are also some facts you need to know. These include its effects on your lungs and throat and how to treat psychiatric conditions.


Unlike delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC is a more potent cannabinoid. This is because it has nine molecular bond sites and a double bond on the ninth carbon molecule. The double bond helps to make delta-9 THC more psychoactive than delta-8 THC.

Delta-9 is a well-known cannabinoid and has been used medicinally for years. Its benefits are numerous. A few of the most popular Delta-9 products include

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Coffee – The Health Drink

Coffee – The Health Drink

Conventional wisdom says coffee’s bad. Doctors agree. Magazines second the motion. You can hardly find a kind word about coffee.

Which is just a tad bizarre because coffee is a health drink. Since nearly 90% of the U. S. population drinks the stuff, this comes under the heading of good news.

Want proof? Let’s talk about what came out of some studies-good studies, done right.

A cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries, grape juice, etc. And four times the antioxidant power of green tea. Besides smog, bad diet and the …