Ring Worm on Skin

Nobody would like to have infections on their skin or in any other parts of the body but for some reasons a number of people have experienced ring worm. This fungal infection can affect anybody at any time. Everybody is at risk of getting skin disease like ringworm skin can look so red, itchy and scaly in the middle and and its borders. Children and elderly people are the ones easily get affected with infectious disease because of lower immunity to illnesses.

Ring worm usually appears like small patches on the skin, usually very itchy with raised skin in the middle and the skin borders are scaly as well. Since ring worm is very itchy the spread of the infection is easier to other parts of the body by just scratching the skin. Other ways of spreading the disease is when you used things from those people with infection. Though ring worm is not a scary disease because there are a number of treatments available in any drugstores near you such as anti fungal creams and ointments.

Anti fungal creams and ointments are some of the most effective treatment for ring worm on skin. Anti fungal creams containing clotimazole and miconazole is good in treating skin infections. Some branded names with these active ingredients are Tinactin, Monistat, Micatin and Lotrimin. Those with terbinafine are also good as topical treatment for ringworm like Lamisil. These brands are readily available in any drugstores and can be bought without prescription.

Always remember to be consistent in applying the medication to the skin normally the treatment will last from two to four weeks. Wash thoroughly the skin with clean water and soap then apply the cream massively unto the skin to fully cover the sides as well. Never stop the medication when you noticed that the itchiness subsides and the skin gets healed slowly. Always follow the recommended usage of the medicine. If symptoms still persist you might as well consult your dermatologist for an anti fungal pill with higher dose for fast relief.

Ring worm can be found also in your scalp, feet, groin,neck and toenails. Jock itch is the term used to describe infection on the groin area which most overweight people has. Athlete’s foot is a skin disease on one or both feet. Actually these skin infections can be prevented by observing proper hygiene and maintaining cleanliness all the time within yourself and your whole house as well.

Avoid using belongings of other people like linen, towels, bedding and mats. When you are in a public utility rooms use your own slippers and avoid touching the walls. The area might be infected with fungus. Wash and disinfect all beddings, towels and other materials with bleach and water. Disinfect the whole house including those spaces occupied by your pets like cats and dogs because animals can be infected as well. Cover the skin lesion with cloth or band aid also to avoid prolonged infection on the skin.

There are several ways how a ring worm can spread to humans and animals but nothing worry about because you can ask for some prescription from your doctor for the immediate cure of your skin infection. Always remember that the incubation period is ten days and you can see visible ring worm skin patches after that. Follow the recommendation of your doctor and continue the treatment until the skin is fully healed.

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