The Wonders of Cod Liver Oil

There are indeed wonderful healing benefits derived from the use of cod liver oil. This age-old remedy will work wonders on curing just about any ailment you are experiencing. The techniques employed to obtain Norwegian cod liver oil is of a high standard. The days whereby people used to scoop up the oil from barrels are gone. Regulations are in place so that only the very best cod liver filtered from any mercury and toxic substances will make it to the shelves for purchasing.

The cod liver oil has certainly made its rounds in the press with and this is why you are probably wondering about whether it really can provide various healing benefits and if there is any possible side effects. This article will attempt to provide you with more insight on the subject.

Overall all fish oils contain a high content of vitamins A, D and Omega 3 acids but what makes cod liver oil superior to other fish oils it that has less saturated fat. The A vitamin is needed to maintain a healthier immune system and to fight against viral and bacterial infections. It benefits also aid in better skin and eyesight and keeps the bones strong.

Omega- 3 fatty acids will relieve various inflammations like that of arthritis. Other benefits include better brain functioning, reduction of stress, clearing allergies, relief from asthma related problems and also having the ability to manage behavioral and learning disorders. The EPA and DHA fatty acid components are super workers that will get both the nervous and cardio vascular systems in top form. Research has indicated that a daily consumption of cod liver oil can prevent a host of diseases which include: cancers, arthritis, heart and kidney dysfunction, muscle pain and high cholesterol.

Everything in moderation is the key to preventing problems and this principle also applies. It is imperative to take the correct amounts. It is safe to take as studies have not shown any adverse reactions nor have there been any serious cases. Each individual differs and likewise is always recommended that you visit your health care provider should you have any doubts especially if you are pregnant or on medication. It is known that when high doses consumed this can lead to the occurrence of high blood pressure.

It is evident that the benefits outweigh the side effects. Finally please note that not all that is sold is the same and you need to make sure you buy from a reputable company.

Business Insider

Business Insider