The Immune System and Endometriosis

Endometriosis is caused by series of cells forming within the uterus which are displaced. These cells remain in the uterus and grow and develop into painful adhesions. They are referred to by practitioners as retrograde cells.

After some research it was discovered that many woman actually experience these retrograde cells but were able to expel them quite easily thereby not developing the condition of Endometriosis. The main contributing factor why woman with Endometriosis are not able to expel these retrograde cells was a lowered immune system.

The immune system is lowered by many different factors within the body but the main contributor is found in the strength of the liver to overcome toxins and fight off diseases. When the liver is not functioning as it should be, the immune system is put under strain and is therefore not able to effectively fight off disease and toxins within the body.A� It is the role of the liver to aid in breaking down proteins and nutrients from the foods that we eat. If the food we eat is not broken down effectively and incomplete digested food finds its way into the blood stream, it is then handled by the immune system. The toxins found within these foods can then damage the cells of the various body organs, including our uterus and cause inflammation.

It has been proven that many women with Endometriosis feel a significant improvement in their health and ability to cope with Endometriosis by simply increasing the immune fighting elements within the body. Immune fighting foods include high levels of anti-oxidants and foods which contain high levels of Vitamin C. Sugar is a large contributor in lowering the immune system and should be eliminated from the diet completely initially to allow the immune system to work at its best.

The immune system will benefit dramatically by building up the liver function through a liver cleansing technique or aiding the liver function. Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle are able to aid the liver function by increasing bile function, which is responsible for expelling waste products from the body.

Exercise is a strong focus when increasing the immune system as it is able to expel excess toxins through sweat and adequate movement in the body, creating blood flow. By increasing exercise to a daily 30minute strategy, many women will experience dramatic improvement in both their immune system and ultimately the liver function.

We want to reduce any load on the liver through diet and exercise. We can reduce the work load on the liver by reducing medicated drugs, alcohol and caffeine. Choosing an easy to digest diet will naturally help the ability of the liver to cope with digestion. Light and low fat diets are recommended.

The immune system and liver are essential focal points when dealing with Endometriosis and it is highly beneficial to boost both areas with specific diet focus.

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