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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

If you want a healthy heart, you need to eat healthy food, this is also very important for those who want to restore health and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

However, it is almost impossible for one to eat a healthy diet all the time, even though the person try very hard to avoid eating unhealthy food. Every person eat junk food occasionally. Tow common types of bad diet people eat are diets high in saturated fat and sodium. The diets can elevate one’s cholesterol level and blood pressure. So, they will increase the risk of heart disease.

To avoid such risk, people should try the best to stick to healthy eating, though it is not easy. Here are some eating tips for a healthy heart.

Eat fish.

Fish is one of the most recommended food, it is good for one’s health to eat fish because fish has Omega 3 fatty acids. It is proven that Omega 3 fatty acids can help one lower the cholesterol level. Sardines and salmon are two fishes people usually eat.

Fat and oil.

Fat and oil are needed to keep healthy. There are different kinds of fat and oil, some are healthier than others. For example, saturated fat, can be found in butter and meat, will increase one’s cholesterol while olive oil is a healthy type of oil. If a person has high cholesterol, he or she should limit saturated fat intake, such as meat.


Carbohydrate is the main energy source for human body. But there are also some good ones and bad ones. It is better to eat less or even avoid eating things like candy and chocolate. And foods like fruits and whole grain bread are better ones.

All in all, one should always try hard to eat healthy food to lower the risk of developing heart diseases and maintain healthy.