Find Out How These 3 Liver Functions Can Determine Your Quality Of Life

Many people do not realize the importance the liver plays in daily life. There are literally hundreds of processes that the liver is responsible for. Lets look at 3 Main Functions Of The Liver that are taken for granted every day.

1. Metabolic Processes – breaking down fat stores for energy. The liver is responsible for converting our fat stores to usable energy and metabolizing the nutrients from ingested foods to energy.

2. Production of Bile – for breaking down ingested food. Bile is produced in the liver and travels through ducts and emptied into the gall bladder. When food is ingested the bile travels to the stomach to break down the food before entering the small intestine.

3. Filtering and cleaning – Blood travels through the liver to be cleaned of all toxins. This includes excess hormones that are no longer needed for bodily functions. For example if the body over produces estrogen the liver normally filters this out. If all of the excess estrogen is not filtered out of the blood an imbalance occurs and PMS symptoms can result. Of course there are many additional reasons for PMS symptoms but one can see how easily the entire system can become out of balance if the liver is not functioning at an optimum level.

A Well Functioning Liver…

As you can see, these 3 processes are very important for our daily well being and quality of life. By taking care of the liver we do our bodies a great service and ultimately are able to enjoy life to the fullest without worry. The question becomes how do we ensure that the liver is functioning at the best possible rate? The only ways to achieve a well-functioning liver is through dietary changes and detoxing. Good liver function is an ongoing process that takes our cooperation to achieve.

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