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Health and Disease Starts in the Digestive Tract

Health and Disease Starts in the Digestive Tract

There are certain rules involving any health and wellness program. It needs to start with the elimination of toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, like Candida, from the digestive tract and the blood stream. And allergies need to be brought under control. A program like this should be followed by anybody seeking a more energetic and healthier life.

We all know to build a house you need to start with a strong and sturdy foundation. The same goes for your body. For health to flourish the prerequisite is a strong base. Any health and wellness program, should implement the above.

I call it a “Back to Basic Health Program”.

Taking nutritional supplements, herbs and other health-promoting potions is certainly an advantage and a better option than stepping on the merry-go- round of never ending medications. Nonetheless, if the digestive tract needs detoxification and allergies undermine your health, any benefits from supplements might be short lived. We can not expect to do well if our digestive tract is over-burdened with toxins and health destroying microorganisms. As all health and disease starts in the digestive tract it stands to reason to make this our starting point on our journey to health and well being.

Liver detoxification is a big buzz word these days. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon, hoping it to be the cure all.

The liver has many functions and an important role is detoxification of the blood. Toxins from the bowel enter the blood stream on the journey to the liver, here the liver breaks them down and renders them less harmful.

Cleaning and detoxing the liver certainly has its place in our endeavor for wellness, but we always have to start with the bowels.

It is an ineffective effort and an extra burden on the liver if toxins from the bowels re-enter the blood stream over and over again.

Why are allergies so detrimental to our health?

The lining of the digestive tract is designed to only let certain molecules pass into the blood stream. If however, the lining is damaged (through detrimental microorganisms, Candida, toxins or inflammation etc.) then particles which should never enter the blood stream, will do so. This causes intoxification and allergic reactions, as the immune system sees them as an invader and will react. Allergies also set off inflammation and this will cause symptoms and pain and can occur anywhere in the body.

We need to clean and heal our digestive tract and eliminate allergies or else we could be on the road to all kinds of chronic disease as the immune system struggles to cope, and may eventually wear down.

A well working balanced immune system is the “gate keeper” tirelessly, working in synergy with all the other body systems for your health and well being.

Be kind to your body, relieve your organs and glands of the extra burden of accumulated debris, clean house, get rid of allergies and feel energized and vibrant again.