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Improving Your Blood Pressure: 4 Things To Try Now

When you see the doctor, the nurse takes your blood pressure. This action monitors your heart’s condition, providing medical staff with a glimpse at cardio function. Normal blood pressure falls in numbers less than 120/80. Anything out of that range could warn of a problem. If caught early, patients have the opportunity to improve heart function, lowering the score. The following are four ways that could improve health and blood pressure range.

1. Eat a Low Salt Diet

Many heart-healthy diets focus on limiting salt intake. Sodium levels do impact how much the heart must function. The more salt, the more it must work. Read labels, and be cautious of processed products as they often pack on the sodium to preserve flavor and food. Stick with whole foods and avoid adding lots of salt to the plate.

2. Exercise

Studies seem to show that cardio workouts lower levels, especially if done consistently for at least 30 minutes a day, several days a week. Exercise may seem hard to fit into a schedule, but the heart may benefit from the attention. If you’re looking for a consistent place or routine, consider looking at Jersey City gyms that offer regular classes. Sometimes joining a group is a good motivator to continue with a program.

3. Meditate

Breathing exercises assist in controlling tension and anxiety. Both of which could contribute to elevated blood pressure. Try listening to a meditation tape, download some relaxing music or put on a yoga video.

4. Hydrate

Water flushes out the system, eliminating excess salt. Drink between 80 to 100 ounces a day, starting in the morning. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks may increase heart rates, so you should be cautious of how much intake you have, especially when blood pressure is high. Instead, substitute decaf tea or flavored water for a little afternoon pick-me-up.

Early intervention is vital to making healthy changes and protecting the heart. Speak with a medical professional about your blood pressure. Work with the experts to design a nutrition and exercise program that works well for you.