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How Botox Provides Relief From Migraines

A migraine can be debilitating. Worse than any typical headache, a migraine can lead to nausea and vomiting. Any little sound or light can exacerbate the throbbing pain.

The intense discomfort can make it difficult to go to work or carry on your daily activities. Pain relievers may offer little to no help.

But there is hope. Today, more doctors are turning to Botox for migraines Jacksonville fl to provide relief.

How Does Botox Prevent Migraines

Botox is a minimally invasive cosmetic injectable commonly used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Doctors started using it to help migraines after patients who had received the treatment reported that it helped reduce headaches. The FDA approved Botox for use on migraines in 2010. It is now one of the most common treatments used to prevent chronic migraines.

A neurotoxin made from botulinum toxin A, Botox serves as a roadblock to neurotransmitter chemicals carrying pain signals from your brain to the nerve endings in your head and neck.

Who is the Best Candidate?

Not everyone who suffers from migraines is a candidate for Botox treatment. It is recommended if you have a history of migraines and suffer from headaches for more than 15 days in a month, half of which are migraine level.

How is it Administered?

Only doctors trained to administer Botox to treat migraines should give the shots, not those who use it for cosmetic treatments. Migraine sufferers get 30 to 40 Botox shots every 12 weeks to help prevent the pain. It usually takes about two to three weeks before you will see results from your first treatment.

Are There Side Effects?

On rare occasions, patients have had allergic reactions to Botox injections. More common side effects include mild neck pain and headache.

If you suffer from intensive migraine headaches that last for days and leave you hiding in a dark room to try and get relief, talk to your doctor about Botox treatments. It just might provide you with the comfort you are looking for.