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One Secret Remedy to Remove Facial Age Spots

One Secret Remedy to Remove Facial Age Spots

Here is a little known remedy that one of my family members recently used to drastically reduce the prominence of her age spots within a few weeks. To her, it was like the miracle cure because she’s had these spots for years now and always hated them – she’s over the moon so I thought I’d share it with you.

Lemon Juice to Remove Facial Age Spots

Here’s what you do. Simply get some lemon juice, around 3 tablespoons is perfect and mix this with around the same amount of sugar. You may not need as much of the solution as I’m recommending in this article, it all depends on the number of spots that you need to treat.

Once you have your solution, mix it all together and get a cotton wool bud or something similar that you can use to apply it to your skin. Simply dab the cotton wool into the solution and apply it directly onto the liver spots on your face.

This works because the lemon juice in the mixture contains vitamin C which is a well known bleaching agent and can really lighten hyper pigmented areas. The sugar is added to exfoliate away the top layers of skin and help the lemon juice to reach the hyper pigmented areas. It sounds like a bit of a Mickey Mouse way of exfoliation, but I have to say that we tried both ways (with and without sugar) and the sugar really makes a lot of difference.

With this method you can expect to see good results within a couple of weeks and we found that the dark spots were pretty much all gone after six weeks.

However, whilst this seemed like a miracle cure at the time, I just want to say that it isn’t a permanent solution because new liver spots did appear shortly after. The best way of treating the liver spots for a cure that last is to combine this method with something that addresses the root cause of the problem and then you’ll have cured your problem for good like my aunt did.