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5 Key Things To Consider When Creating Your Business Presentation

Your boss has asked you to give the next presentation, providing an overview on either a potential change or procurement. Now, you are tasked with not only speaking in front of people but becoming the main player in gathering information and determining if something is going to work.

With that completed, consider how you’re going to share your ideas with others. It’s not enough to have a conclusion. Your audience needs to hear the concept clearly and engagingly; therefore, be sure to do the following five things.

1. Have An Objective

If you’ve been asked to locate the best industrial air filters Richmond VA has to offer, then start with a clear and concise statement about your task and your conclusion. This thesis statement and objective assist the audience in knowing where you are headed.

2. Give a Brief General Outline

Auditory presentations may be hard to follow. Spend a few minutes laying out the order of your discussion. Some people use that as a bridge to stay on track. Show it on a slide or provide a handout. It could further others’ focus and allow for notes.

3. Include Visual and Audio Enhancements

Don’t just talk. It’s boring. Instead, provide additional audio and visual enhancements. Can you include pictures of the device in action? Are you able to show a video of the testing procedures? Whatever you use should address the topic and aid people in seeing your point.

4. Ensure Statistics Are Engaging

It is going to boil down to numbers. The math people in the room want to see how the change or addition could impact the cost. Provide tables and charts indicating the production rate modifications or the impact on revenue. 

5. Be Concise

Don’t go over 30 minutes. Even adults have a hard time focusing after that time allotment. Be sure to practice ahead of time, cutting down if it runs over.

Ensure you’re prepared and engaging when you step in front of others. Get to the point, support your ideas and appeal to multiple modalities.