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Different Ways to Aerate Your Pond

People love ponds because they collect excess water after a storm, offer nearby fishing locations, and support beautiful aquatic habitats. However, without proper maintenance, they can quickly become unbalanced and jeopardize the ecosystems they support. Lake aeration is one of the ways people avoid this imbalance in their ponds. The oxygen that aeration provides can make a huge difference in the viability and appearance of your pond. There are several different aeration systems that you should consider installing.

Floating Fountains

If you have a shallow pond, you should consider a floating fountain that can add extra visual appeal. This method adds oxygen to the water and keeps it mixed so toxic gases can escape into the air. However, this method typically works best with shallow water bodies and is not overly effective for deeper ponds.

Submersible Systems

When you have a pond that is too deep for a floating fountain, you should consider a submersible aerator that can provide oxygen to the lowest parts. These submersible systems rely on a nearby, on-shore compressor that pumps either oxygen or air through a tube so it can enter the bottom of your lake. This puts oxygen into your lake and causes the water to get mixed. The continuous stream of air will contribute to higher concentrations of oxygen in your pond.

Sustainably Powered Systems

If you are environmentally conscious or in a remote location, solar or wind-powered systems are available. These will still operate like the submersible systems, although they will be powered by wind or the sun. They can also be hooked up to backup batteries in case the natural energy source fails. While they will still need maintenance, they tend to pay for themselves because they do not require you to pay for power.

Any pond can benefit from aeration. The key is deciding which type of system is best for your pond. The depth of your water plays a large role in what type of system you should choose. Getting the right aerator will allow you to enjoy a healthy-looking pond.