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3 Everyday Ways To Promote Feminism

In a world where feminism can unfortunately be misconstrued as a bad word, many people are unsure of how to promote feminism without orating in a lecture hall or discussing it face-to-face. If you feel a drive to share your positions, here are three everyday ways anyone can help promote feminism.

Wear It on Your Sleeve

By wearing ecofeminism merchandise, you can provide yourself a constant reminder to stand firm in your beliefs. This can also provide conversation starters and opportunities to educate people. The opportunity to discuss feminism may feel less threatening to both parties since the other person will have initiated the topic by asking about what you’re wearing.

Share on Social Media

The #metoo content that has pervaded social media has helped change the world. Social media provides a platform to share your positions in ways you’re comfortable with — your options are limitless.

Don’t think you have to write essays or record yourself orating — your can spread feminism through music, photography or art. However your ideals speak to you, find a way to share that with the world. You never know who you might have an impact on.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By consistently living out your ideals, you will do more to share your beliefs than any essays ever could. By treating people the way you think they should be treated, you will have a major impact on the world. Your actions will not only affect the individuals you’re interacting with, but anyone who may be watching. Your example could change the way somebody sees the world.

You don’t have to write books or speak to audiences if you want to promote feminism. You can find ways to spread your message through clothing, art and social media. Regardless of how you may go about it, always remember that the most important way you’ll help create equality in the world will be made manifest in how you treat people.