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Fatty Liver Symptoms

Fatty Liver Symptoms

You might be shocked to hear that nearly one third of all Americans suffering from fatty liver disease are not even remotely aware of the problem. Known to the medical community as steatosis, this disease is the infiltration of fatty deposits in living liver cells in the human body. Over time, this fat accumulates on the inner walls of the liver, finally resulting in the liver losing it efficiency and potency. In case you feel that you do not suffer from such a disease, remember that nearly 33% of all American are completely unaware of its existence.

Although there are numerous fatty liver symptoms, most of them are quite mild. While you might not be inclined to run to the doctor for such mild symptoms, they can, over a period of time, lead to much greater complications of your liver. The most basic fatty liver symptoms include headaches, a coated tongue, a dry mouth, fatigue, weakness, mental confusion, swelling in the ankles and feet, abdominal pain, nausea, circles under the eyes as well as bad odor. Women tend to feel more full and bloated during the day. Such a condition affects both, thin as well as obese persons and can often result in a dramatic loss of weight of the individual.

A recent scientific study conducted in the western zone of America has shown that individuals suffering from liver symptoms usually also suffer from hypertension, higher cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Apart from causing such subtle issues, fatty liver deposits can also result in many other diseases as well. Diseases such as rapid weight loss, skin rashes, frequent colds and coughs as well as sudden allergies can afflict a victim.

There are numerous causes of fatty liver disease, including alcohol and dietary habits. Obese people that consume alcohol on a regular basis are more prone to suffering from fatty deposits on the insides of their liver. At the same time, should one suffer from hepatitis C, it is more likely that one would suffer from such fattyliver symptoms.

Fatty liver treatment

Now that you are aware of some fatty liver symptoms, you should also know what the logical steps that one can take to treating the disease are. The most important thing to do is to stop any factors that might help the process of destroying your liver. For instance, cut out all drugs, caffeine, homeopathic pills, doctor prescribe drugs as well as any alcohol you might consume during the day. Apart from simply cutting back on certain factors, it is also advisable that you modify your diet. Consuming a rich, healthy diet of green vegetables is the best way in which you can accelerate the process of caring for your liver. Regular exercise is also another method you can use to treat any fatty liver symptoms as over time, the fat deposits in your liver can be easily burnt up through cardio and regular exercise.

Other remedies that one can choose include consuming certain types of herbal remedies, including artichoke, ginger, milk and turmeric, as a means of liver regeneration.