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Preparing The Body For Anti-Fungal Supplements

Preparing The Body For Anti-Fungal Supplements

People with a Candida overgrowth have inefficient digestive systems, struggling organs of elimination, compromised immune systems and bodies that are overwhelmed with toxins. Before any anti-fungals can be taken, these problems have to be addressed.

Adopting a diet that creates a hostile environment for the Candida fungus would be a good first step. An appropriate diet will help strengthen the digestive tract, immune system and organs, balance the body’s internal chemistry and starve the Candida fungus.

To further strengthen the body, detoxification is needed. A parasite cleanse will purge the body of any parasites that may have taken hold. Parasites live in most people without them even knowing it. They reproduce, release toxins and feed off valuable nutrients in the body. Ridding the body of parasites can result in a lessening of symptoms and most particularly in easing digestion.

Another important part of detoxification is cleansing the colon. The build up of toxins from a Candida overgrowth hinders the elimination of waste, which then accumulates in the colon and backs up into the rest of the digestive tract. Removing this build up will help the body to better absorb the nutrients it needs to grow stronger. If the colon is not cleansed the healing process will be significantly slower. The colon can be cleansed a number of ways via herbs, enemas, colonics, cleansing foods, fasting or supplements.

Once the colon has been cleansed, the liver can be strengthened. The liver plays a very important role; when anything is introduced into our bodies, the liver intercepts it and either neutralises it, utilises it or rejects it; in effect the liver acts like a large filter and this helps to keep our bloodstream free of damaging toxins. It also has another important job and that is to produce bile. Bile helps to lubricate the walls of the intestines and also control the delicate ecosystem living there.

If the liver becomes deluged with drugs, toxins and fats, it becomes weakened, overworked and congested. In this weakened state it is no longer able to neutralise toxins and, as a result, toxic bile is produced. When this bile is released into the intestines it creates inflammation – a main cause of ‘leaky gut syndrome.’

The liver can be cleansed and strengthened in several ways, the most important of which is to stop overworking it, closely followed by fasting, liver flushing and taking supplements that protect the liver such as milk thistle, choline, cysteine and betane.

One further area that should be strengthened is the immune system. Our immune system’s main offence is its T Helper Cells, but when someone has a Candida overgrowth, their T Helper cells become so overwhelmed by the deluge of toxins in the body that they are unable to tackle the Candida fungus, which then flourishes. To enable the T Helper Cells to tackle the fungus, we need to relieve the body of some of its toxins; cleansing and chelating should do this.

To further strengthen the immune system, we need to turn our attention to the thymus gland. The thymus gland releases hormones that regulate numerous immune functions, it’s also where the T Helper cells mature. To strengthen the thymus gland we need to consume important nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E.

If all these stages are undertaken, the body will be in a much better position to be able to cope with the toxins produced as a result of taking anti-fungals. The toxins will be able to leave the body quickly and therefore cause a minimum of damage/symptoms.