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What You Should Know About Living With an Aging Parent

If you’re like many people, you were raised by your folks from childhood to adulthood. Given the way life expectancy has changed over the years, it’s not uncommon for parents to live long enough to require assistive care. While some elderly people live in nursing homes or housing developments designed for seniors, some end up moving in with a child. Here are some things to consider.

Lifestyle Changes

Before making the decision to have a parent move in, consider how it will impact all involved. The change in independence will impact their outlook and interaction with others. While there are opportunities for bonding between grandparents and grandchildren (if present), all parties will have to adjust to accommodate the change in living situation. Elderly people may have particular sensitivities that must be accounted for especially with young children around. Keep in mind that you may have to make certain modifications to your home.

Caregiving and Caretaking

Providing elderly care is not only physically taxing, but mentally and emotionally also. Seniors may have strong emotions about losing autonomy and independence. You may be similarly affected having to help them take care of themselves in ways neither of you is accustomed to, such as personal hygiene and mobility. If your parents have serious medical conditions, they may require the expertise of home health providers such as Chevy Chase home care.


Communication is important to this change in living situation. Recognize that just as you have grown up and changed, your parent(s) have also. It is important to discuss expectations and set boundaries. Reassure your folks about the changes. Explain to your own family about the changes and conditions affecting the elderly to clear up any confusion.

Life is unpredictable, and you may find yourself having to take care of your parents on a more regular basis by having them move in. Recognize that this is a major change for everyone in your household, even if you have a great relationship. Carefully consider how this change will impact each person and come up with a plan to address these issues.